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Congo—UN steps up ‘offensive’

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Issue 2355

The African Union (AU) met last weekend and rubber stamped a United Nations (UN) plan to intensify its intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The discussions happened during a lavish party to celebrate 50 years of the AU, which represents 34 African countries.

The UN has begun deploying an “offensive” brigade of some 3,000 soldiers into the east of the country.

Troops deployed will be largely South African, though the first to arrive were from Tanzania.

UN Security Council resolution 2098 voted to establish the new unit to “neutralise” and “disarm” militias in the region. 

The UN presents itself as a non-political peacekeeper. 

But its role in the country has always been questionable. 

It was deeply implicated in the events leading up to the murder of the country’s first post?independence president Patrice Lumumba in 1961. 

Many Africans argue that an AU force would be preferable.

But more than 90 percent of funding for the AU’s security operations comes from the US and the EU.



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