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Democrats unite against left wing Bernie Sanders

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Issue 2696
Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally earlier this year
Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally earlier this year (Pic: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

It is now almost certain that Joe Biden will be the Democratic party nominee for president.

Biden won four of last week’s six primaries, with decisive victories in Michigan, Washington, Mississippi, Missouri and Idaho.

Bernie Sanders won only in North Dakota. These results, coupled with the “Super Tuesday” outcome a week earlier, put Biden significantly ahead in the delegate count to be the candidate.

He was likely to surge much further into the lead after this week’s contest in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio.

The Democratic establishment, fearing that Sanders’ challenge was winning mass support, have ruthlessly broken his chances.

All the other “moderate” candidates such as Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar were pushed and pressured to withdraw and get behind Biden.

His campaign, which had seemed all but extinguished, was resuscitated.

Many of those who back Sanders don’t want to vote for Biden. He typifies the rotten corporate Democratic party that people have revolted against.

So, although he continued his campaign this week, Sanders is now working to corral people behind Biden.

When he was the frontrunner, Sanders made a call for party unity, saying all the candidates and their supporters would back whoever was chosen to face Trump.

“No matter who wins we are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country,” he said.

At the time it looked a good way to put pressure on those who said they would not support Sanders if he won. Now it traps him behind Biden.

The debate last Sunday between Sanders and Biden was a non-event. Much of the debate was dominated by the coronavirus.

And Sanders decided to play the role of amiable sparring partner rather than bitter enemy.


The experience of the Democrats, again, suppressing Sanders’ candidacy is raising for at least some people the need for a different sort of party.

The hashtag #DemExit has been widely shared.

One of the most high profile tweets came from Nick Brana. He was the national political outreach coordinator with the Sanders campaign in 2016.

He tweeted “It’s time to accept that, for the Democratic party, defeating Trump is secondary to defeating progressives.”

The Democrats will now face-off against Donald Trump with a tool of the Wall Street billionaires as their candidate.

This is a replay of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and could have equally terrible results. Biden opposes moving towards the equivalent of the NHS.

In this recent debate he denounced Sanders call for medicare for all, saying that despite Italy having universal healthcare, it hasn’t stopped the spread of the coronavirus.

He said the the people want “a solution not a revolution” to the coronavirus crisis.

He has also in the past denounced the Green New Deal and his 1994 Crime Bill which led to the mass incarceration of black people.

He supported George Bush and Tony Blair’s wars in Iraq and Afganistan and has repeatedly called for cuts in social security.

This is all well known, and utterly demotivating for many voters.

The scandal is that Sanders is likely to get behind Biden instead of joining the calls for an alternative.

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