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Dictators everywhere are living in fear of Tunisian example

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The Tunisian revolution has given confidence to people everywhere to resist:
Issue 2236

The Tunisian revolution has given confidence to people everywhere to resist:

Egypt: A nationwide day of protests took place on Tuesday of this week as Socialist Worker went to press. Several groups came together to demand the dismissal of the hardline minister of the interior, a fair minimum wage, the end of the state of emergency, and the limitation of the presidency to two terms.

Opposition activists dubbed it “Revolution Day”.

Despite heavy police repression, tens of thousands demonstrated in Cairo, and similar protests took place in other cities and towns.

People chanted “Tunis” as they marched through the streets of Cairo. They demonstrated outside the ruling party’s HQ and even destroyed a police water cannon. The scale of the fury rocked the dictatorial regime.

At least ten people have set themselves on fire in anti‑government protests—an echo of the way Muhammad Bouazizi set himself alight in Tunisia and triggered protests that led to revolution.

Jordan: More than 5,000 people demonstrated on Friday of last week. Marchers called for “bread and freedom” and demanded that government officials resign.

Yemen: Some 2,500 students protested in support of the Tunisian revolution at Sanaa University. They called on president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, chanting, “Get out, get out, Ali. Join your friend Ben Ali.”

Algeria: Hundreds of people defied a state ban on protests to demonstrate in the capital, Algiers, last Saturday. They faced police batons and tear gas.

Palestine: People in the West Bank defied Palestinian Authority security forces last week to rally in support of the Tunisian revolution.

Albania: Up to 300,000 people protested in the capital Tirana on Friday of last week after a video exposing corruption in the government was made public.

Protesters burned police cars, pelted police with eggs and stones. Police killed three demonstrators.

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