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Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists call for general strike until the fall of the regime

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Issue 2359
The Rebel protests

The Rebel protests

Today, Sunday 30 June, comes as the third thunderous wave of the great January Revolution. Then millions of Egyptians came out demanding bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity in order to overthrow the regime of tyranny and exploitation.

Thousands of martyrs and wounded paid a price in blood for the victory of the revolution which threw down the head of the regime and his cronies.

After a year of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood, we find they have chosen to walk the same path: they are against the people and with the bosses.

They have substituted Muslim Brotherhood billionaire Khairat al-Shater for the old regime’s business leader Ahmed Ezz and are seeking reconciliation with those who have pillaged Egypt for 30 years.

We have seen them go begging to the International Monetary Fund and the countries of the world. We have heard the lies of the Brotherhood’s “Renaissance Project” electoral programme and seen them fall into the arms of the US and “our friend” Israeli president Shimon Peres.

Dozens of martyrs and injured have fallen at the hands of the Brotherhood. This is a failed regime, headed by a lying president who even breaks promises to his Salafist allies.

The people have decreed the downfall of this failed regime. They have withdrawn their confidence because it has betrayed the goals of the revolution, working instead for the benefit of the Brotherhood itself.

But we must learn the lessons of January.

The biggest mistake we made was to leave the streets with nothing more than promises from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which made a deal under American auspices to deliver the country to the Brotherhood in return for a safe exit for its leaders who would not be held to account.

Today we will not leave the streets until we have achieved our demands:

  • The overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood’s failed regime and the withdrawal of confidence from its president Mohamed Mursi
  • The formation of a revolutionary government to manage the transitional period, the first of whose priorities will be the issue of social justice and security
  • The head of the revolutionary government shall be barred from candidacy in early presidential elections

After our great revolution, Egypt deserves revolutionary democracy, in order to achieve freedom, social justice and national dignity. Egyptians cannot remain forever trapped between two failed alternatives, the Brotherhood or the military whether of Mubarak or Field Marshall Tantawi.

The Revolutionary Socialists will come out with the masses and the revolutionaries in the third wave of the revolution, after the first two waves overthrew Mubarak and the Military Council, in order to get rid of this third version of the regime of tyranny and exploitation.

We call on all revolutionaries in Egypt to unite behind the goals of the January Revolution.

We call on all Egyptians who work for a wage to join a general strike in order to win the battle against the regime of tyranny and exploitation, just as strikes won our battle against Mubarak on 9 and 10 February 2011.

Glory to the martyrs – Victory to the Revolution – Shame on the murderers

All power and wealth to the people!

This is a translation of a Revolutionary Socialists statement


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