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Far right moves to smash farmers in India

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Issue 2740
Indian farmers have been met with state repression
Indian farmers have been met with state repression (Pic: Indranil Aditya/NurPhoto/PA Images)

A coalition of far right thugs, police and government ministers are out to smash the Indian farmers’ movement.

A huge “tractor protest” last week put thousands on the streets across the country as part of a fight against new agriculture laws introduced by the government of Narendra Modi.

In the wake of the protest all manner of right wing figures declared the movement “violent” and part of a plot to destabilise India.

This was a signal to mobs organised by Hindu nationalist hate groups, including the fascist RSS, to take action. They joined with militarised police in an effort to smash up farmers’ protest camps at sites on the edges of New Delhi.

Farmers at the Ghazipur camp, which has been in place since November, stood firm. They successfully appealed for more people to join them and help defend the protest.


Balwinder Singh was among those who had rushed into the camp from Meerut, a city 50 miles east of Delhi, on Thursday night when he heard of an impending crackdown.

“The police attempt to remove the protesters last night was an assault on the dignity of farmers,” he said.

Similar attacks took place at camps in Singhu, to the north of the city, and the Tikri Border, to the west. Large groups of smartly dressed people posing as “locals” were filmed throwing rocks at farmers and tearing at tents.

The police announced a wave of “investigations” into leading figures in the movement in the hope of taking them out of the struggle.

It is now vital that unions throw their weight behind the farmers and open up a new front against the Modi regime.

Military takeover seizes Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar’s military seized power on Monday this week after detaining civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and members of her government.

The coup follows a highly contested election last November that saw Suu Kyi’s party receive a landslide. Suu Kyi appealed for people to “protest against the coup”.

But her own reputation as a democrat is a sham.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, once a darling of the West, defended the military when it ran amok in Rakhine state in 2017. The army drove over 740,000 Muslim Rohingya people into exile in Bangladesh.

In the resulting slaughter thousands of Rohingya were raped, mutilated and murdered, and their villages totally destroyed.

When the military was subsequently accused of genocide, Suu Kyi went to the Hague court to support them.

A genuine return to democracy cannot happen until everyone in Myanmar is given citizenship rights—and the Rohingya refugees are allowed to return home.

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