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Freedom is in the hands of the people, and not of the military and the guards

This article is over 10 years, 10 months old
Statement from the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists, 9 July 2013
Issue 2361

Greetings to the millions of Egyptians who overthrew president Mohamed Mursi with their heroic mobilisation—and then stood firm on their protests and defended themselves for the past two weeks. This confirms that the January revolution remains vigorous and capable of imposing its will on its enemies.

Once again the army has intervened, massacring dozens and injuring hundreds of Islamists as it broke up the sit-in outside the headquarters of the Republican Guards. Today the army is using terrible violence to repress the Islamists.

Despite the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood, at the incitement of their leaders, we cannot delight in this massacre. In the past the military has committed the same treachery against the revolutionaries.

We fought to complete the revolution in face of opposition from general Hussain Tantawi, general Sami Anan and their Scaf Military Council, and the Brotherhood and their allies.

The aim of this brutal repression is not to protect the revolutionaries and demonstrators, but rather to “protect the enterprises”, as the military spokesman explained in the press conference after the massacre.

On the contrary, the revolutionaries themselves will protect their demonstrations and sit-ins from the attacks of the Brotherhood, as we saw in Manial and Maspero. The media and the old regime’s supporters rushed to defend the massacre with the same excuses that they used to justify previous massacres which the Military Council committed against the Egyptian revolution.

The real reason for the massacre is to take another step towards a reordering of the ranks of the ruling class, by bringing in new faces. At the same time it aims to strengthen the military’s grip, threatening democracy and the revolution itself in the coming period. This is exactly what happened previously, when the army and military police attacked the revolutionaries and protesters, including striking workers during the period of rule by the Military Council.

We cannot forgive the crimes of the Brotherhood, who shot dead protesters in Moqattam days before the fall of Mursi, which they justified through a call to protect the office of their General Guide Muhamed Badie. We will not forgive their attacks on demonstrators in

Tahrir Square

, and their continuing attacks on neighbourhoods where the people have refused to allow the return of the dictator Mursi Mubarak to power. Only days ago, supporters of Mursi killed dozens and injured hundreds, committing terrible crimes in Sidi Gaber in Alexandria and Manial, as well as other areas across Egypt.

Nor will we forget the Brotherhood’s treachery and their alliance with Tantawi and Anan, who were honoured with military decorations. We will not forget how the Brotherhood allied itself with the remnants of Mubarak’s regime, which had just been toppled, nor the spectacle of how the courts found the Brotherhood’s official sponsors “not guilty”, and their incitement against the revolutionaries.

We will not forget the Brotherhood’s defence of all the crimes which were committed throughout the Military Council’s rule –

Mohamed Mahmoud Street

, the Cabinet Offices, Port Sa’id and others. While Mursi was in power, the Brotherhood then turned to direct attacks on the revolutionaries in

Tahrir Square

who were protesting to mark 100 days of his rule, or at the Presidential Palace last December, and elsewhere.

While the revolutionaries were fighting to complete the revolution against the military regime which ruled Egypt for a year and a half, the Brotherhood cheered the Republican Guard as they entered

Mohamed Mahmoud Street

, the street of martyrs and the eyes of freedom, as they came to secure

Tahrir Square

for Mohamed Mursi’s speech on 1 July 2012.

There remain leaders of the Brotherhood who are criminally calling for war against the people and the revolution, and mobilising thousands for civil war. This is a desperate attempt to calm the thunderous waves of the Egyptian revolution and return the tyrants to power, they are prepared to use criminal methods against the Egyptian people and unleash rivers of blood.

There are attempts to ignite sectarian strife, in order to divide the masses, as we saw yesterday in Naga’ Hasan in Luxor with the killing of four Muslims and Christians and forcing Christians from the homes.

This is in addition to their blatant collaboration with the US government which is hostile to the revolution of the Egyptian masses. They are trading in religion and blood in order to return to the seat of power which is besieged by popular anger.

In the face of the Brotherhood’s attacks we will only rely on our revolution which we will protect from all aggression. The millions who came into the streets on 30 June are still able to protect our revolution from any attack. We will continue to mobilise in our millions in the streets and the squares, and will create our popular committees to defend ourselves against the Brotherhood’s coercion.

We will defend our revolution against any attempts to distort or obscure its demands of bread, freedom, social justice and retribution for the all the killers of the martyrs.

We will work with the masses of the revolution in order to continue it and implement its goals.

The people will protect the revolution
All power and wealth to the people.

The Revolutionary Socialists
9 July 2013

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