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Gaza bombing is ‘three times worse’ than 2014 assault

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Issue 2755
The wreck of a large apartment complex by the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Beit Lahia, Gaza
The wreck of a large apartment complex by the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Beit Lahia, Gaza (Pic: Pacific Press Media Production Corp./Alamy Live News)

Israel has launched the heaviest airstrikes so far of its latest assault on the Gaza Strip.

A series of airstrikes early on Monday covered a broader area and lasted longer than those a day earlier, which killed 42 Palestinians.

Yassin, who lives in Gaza with his wife and two children, aged 3 and 7 years old, described the assault to Socialist Worker.

“The intensity of these attacks is three times what happened in 2014,” said Yassin, now living through his fourth time under assault by Israel. “I am traumatised.”

Yassin and his family had watched a football match on television—a bid to cling on to normality—then went to bed shortly after it finished at 1:30am. They were woken up shortly afterwards by the sound of rockets exploding.

“The fear hits you in the back,” said Yassin. “We decided to leave our apartment but we live on the sixth floor and the elevator wasn’t working. We were going to go downstairs but it we were frightened, so we stayed.”

Israel has killed at least 188 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip—and forced some 34,000 to leave their homes—since its bombing began last week. The dead includes 55 children.

It’s right to resist—Israel’s bloody assault is not ‘self-defence’
It’s right to resist—Israel’s bloody assault is not ‘self-defence’
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Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel wants to “levy a heavy price” for the resistance by Hamas, which governs Gaza. He said Israel would continue the bombardment “at full force.”

Many Palestinians with nowhere to go make sure they stay in separate rooms during raids in the hope that, if they are hit, some will survive.

Yassin said his youngest child has stayed hidden under a blanket since the bombardment started and can’t be separated from it. His seven year old boy has cried, but “pulls himself together to be strong and responsible for his brother.”

He added that he is “afraid to go outside because I am frightened of what I will see. I can smell and hear death.

“On the beach road last night a person was hit. People went to help and they were targeted. Three people died.

“Nowhere is safe.”

Yassin said, despite the assault, he doesn’t want to hurt Israelis. “I value all lives,” he said. But he added, “Even if they kill us all Palestinians will still struggle for their freedom.

“We Palestinians have a right to resist and to defend ourselves against the occupation.” 

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