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International round-up – killings in Gaza, protests hit Iran, general strike in Chile

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Issue 2681
A woman in Gaza looks among the rubble of her home destroyed by Israeli forces on Wednesday
A woman in Gaza looks among the rubble of her home destroyed by Israeli forces on Wednesday (Pic: Walid Mahmoud/Twitter)

Israel kills over 30 Palestinians

Israel killed unleashed a fresh round of bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip last week.

Some 34 people were killed during a sustained two-day bombardment that followed the Israeli assassination of a Palestinian military leader.

The youngest victim of Israel’s assault was Muaz al-Sawarka, just seven years old. And one strike killed eight members of one family, among them five children.

The violence started with a targeted air strike on the home of Bahaa Abu al-Ata, a commander in the resistance group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Of the 34 people killed by Israel’s bombardment, as many as 16 were civilians. Some 111 people were also wounded, including 46 children.

Iran explodes over fuel hike

Mass protests have erupted in Iran after the government announced a dramatic increase in fuel prices last week.

People have taken to the streets blocking roads and clashing with police in a number of towns and cities.

Police responded with tear gas, and one person was killed during a protest in the city of Sirjan on Friday of last week.

Iranians have suffered years of austerity, high prices and high unemployment in a prolonged financial crisis caused by privatisation, corruption and economic sanctions.

The US has hypocritically backed the protests.

Yet its economic sanctions against Iran are a major cause of ordinary people’s poverty and hardship.

Chile set to vote on constitution

As protests continue in Chile, the government of president Pinera is making fake promises.

A general strike last week was huge, involving health workers, teachers, some miners, and others. Hundreds of thousands marched across the country.

Chilean MPs, backed by Pinera, announced last Friday they intend to hold a referendum on replacing the country’s constitution in April 2020. It was drawn up during the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

But many protesters are demanding a grassroots protest that they control in order to create a democratic body to look at the constitution and other key issues.

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