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International round-up: Revenge raids escalate after prison escape in Palestine

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Issue 2773
Evictions sparkled revolt by Palestinians earlier this year
Evictions sparkled revolt by Palestinians earlier this year (Pic: Mati Milstein/NurPhoto/PA Images)

Israeli soldiers have captured the last two of six Palestinian prisoners who liberated themselves from a high security jail nearly two weeks ago.

The two prisoners’ capture last Sunday came amid mass arrests and violent repression against protesters by Israeli soldiers in the militarily occupied West Bank.

The self-liberation of the six prisoners from the Gilboa prison earlier this month humiliated Israel and cheered Palestinians.

In response, Israeli soldiers launched a campaign of raids across the West Bank and arrested more than 100 Palestinians, including children.

Targets for raids and arrests included the family members of the liberated prisoners, but also organisations such as trade unions and human rights groups.

And soldiers attacked a number of Palestinian protests, including demonstrations in solidarity with the prisoners and against Israeli land grabs.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said soldiers injured 217 protesters on Friday alone, including 35 shot by rubber coated metal bullets, and 182 suffocated with tear gas.

Red Crescent paramedic Abu Latifa told the Al Jazeera network he had “dealt with many cases of minors being beaten, including with rifle butts, leading to fractures, bleeding and deep facial wounds.”

United States admits Afghan children were massacred

The US military has admitted that ten civilians, including seven children, were murdered by a drone strike in the last days of its retreat from Afghanistan.

The US had said they were “terrorists” and blowing them apart was justified

But last week the commander of US Central Command Gen Kenneth McKenzie said he now believes “it was unlikely that those who died were Islamic State militants or posed a direct threat to US forces at Kabul’s airport”.

The US now says the massacre was a mistake

It wasn’t a “mistake”.

It was a direct result of Western imperialism’s brutal invasion and its contempt for Afghans.

Nobody will be held to account for these deaths or jailed.

Meanwhile Daniel Hale, a former US Air Force intelligence analyst, was sentenced to 45 months in prison in July.

He had leaked documents about the murderous drone programme.

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