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Israel rains bombs on Gaza in new clampdown

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Israel’s leader Binyamin Netanyahu threatens a new war amid fresh attacks on Gaza, says Nick Clark
Issue 2630
The aftermath of bombs in Gaza at the weekend
The aftermath of bombs in Gaza at the weekend (Pic: Walid Mahmoud, freelance photojournalist from Gaza)

Israel bombarded Gaza with waves of air strikes on Monday. It destroyed the building that housed the Al Aqsa TV station and at least one residential building.

Palestinian officials said at least three people were killed in the attacks.

The bombardment followed an invasion by Israeli soldiers into Gaza on Sunday, where troops killed seven Palestinians.

Palestinians launched hundreds of rockets at Israel in response.

The seven were killed fighting off what Israel says was an “intelligence gathering mission,” but which resistance group Hamas said was an assassination attempt.

One Israeli soldier was also killed after their incursion sparked hours of clashes and gunfights.

The soldiers escaped after intense bombing and shelling by Israel near the town of Khuzaa.

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu described the dead soldier as a “glorious fighter”.

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livini said the troops who invaded Gaza were “courageous soldiers who are ready for any mission at any hour”.

In contrast, Palestinians who try to escape the siege of Gaza are often labelled terrorists—as are those who defend Gaza from Israel’s aggression.


The escalation following Israel’s incursion raised the prospect of another bloody war in Gaza as Israel tries to force Palestinians to submit.

Israel is said to be pursuing a ceasefire deal with Hamas, ­brokered by the West’s ally Egypt which is led by dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

A deal would likely mean Hamas gives up resistance and its demand for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes now in Israel. It is also said to involve allowing Israel to keep control over goods that enter the Gaza Strip.

Its efforts to pressure Hamas to give in have caused misery for the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

In his latest threat of violence against Palestinians, Netanyahu said on Saturday that Israel was “a step away” from launching another war on Gaza.

“I am not afraid of war if necessary,” he said, adding, “No political solution exists for Gaza, just as there isn’t one with Isis.”

Israel’s siege of Gaza—now more than 11 years old—has created what aid organisations describe as a “humanitarian crisis”.

Last month the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported a severe lack of medicines in its ­hospitals and healthcare centres.

The crisis is made worse by a lack of safe drinking water, caused by constant electricity cuts.

The intolerable situation has led Palestinians to take part in mass protests at the border between Gaza and Israel every Friday.

Israel has responded with shocking brutality, using live ammunition against protesters.

Some 221 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since the protests began in March.


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