By Nick Clark
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Israeli settlers move to evict Palestinians

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Issue 2766
The evictions have sparkled revolt by Palestinians
The evictions have sparkled revolt by Palestinians (Pic: Mati Milstein/NurPhoto/PA Images)

Israel’s supreme court on Monday discussed the eviction case that sparked the Palestinian uprising earlier this year.

The ruling would decide whether Israeli settlers could force Palestinians from their homes in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Two lower courts have already ruled that the homes of four families belong to Israeli settlers under Israeli property law.

Protests in May against the evictions turned into one of the biggest Palestinian revolts in decades—and shook Israel’s racist apartheid regime.

Palestine—is one state possible?
Palestine—is one state possible?
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The hearing had originally been set to take place in May.

But the revolt—including mass protests and a historic general strike across all of Palestine—forced Israel to postpone it until Monday of this week.

In the aftermath, Israel has tried to crush Palestinian resistance. The Palestinian Red Crescent medical charity reported that Israeli forces injured as many as 250 Palestinians in the West Bank on Friday of last week.

Soldiers fired rubber ­bullets at Palestinians mourning 20 year old Shawkat Khalid Awwad in the village of Beit Ummar.

Shawkat was himself killed when soldiers fired at the funeral of 12 year old Mohammed al-Alami, who Israeli soldiers shot in the chest the day before.

Soldiers also attacked protesters from the West Bank village of Beita, where Palestinian protesters are also resisting Israeli attempts to claim more land.

The protests in Beita and Sheikh Jarrah touch at the root of the Palestinian struggle.


Israeli settlers want to use laws that privilege them over Palestinians to take over buildings in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of east Jerusalem.

These say that Palestinians in east Jerusalem can be evicted from their homes if the court decides the land was owned by Jews before Israel was created. And that’s even if Palestinians were there for decades.

Israel passed the law in 1970—three years after invading and occupying east Jerusalem in 1967.

They are part of an attempt to push Palestinians out of the city so that Israel can keep a Jewish ethnic majority.

Once Palestinians are evicted, the homes are often sold or given to Israeli settlers.

Meanwhile, the families of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were expelled from their homes when Israel was created in 1948 are denied the right to return.


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