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Israeli state murders children during Great March of Return protests in Gaza

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Issue 2624
School children in Gaza remember 12 year old Nasser Mosabih, who was killed by Israeli troops
School children in Gaza remember 12 year old Nasser Mosabih, who was killed by Israeli troops (Pic: Walid Mahmoud, freelance photojournalist from Gaza)

Israel killed seven Palestinians—including a 12 year old boy—during protests in Gaza last Friday.

Soldiers shot 12 year old Nasser Mosabih in the head as he protested along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel. They also killed 14 year old Mohammad Naif al Houm by shooting him in the chest.

The two children were among tens of thousands of Palestinians attacked by Israel during a weekly protest in Gaza on Friday.

Some 500 Palestinians were wounded—90 of them by live fire—on the protest of at least 20,000 people.

It was one of the largest mobilisations of the Great March of Return—a series of weekly protests in Gaza that began in March this year.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have protested.

They are demanding an end to the Israeli siege that has penned them inside Gaza for more than a decade.

They also want the right to return to the land that Palestinians were expelled from when Israel was created in 1948.

Israel has responded with shocking brutality. The Palestinian Ministry of Health says at least 193 Palestinians have been killed since March, including 34 children.

Another 21,150 Palestinians have been injured, 4,200 of them children.

Palestinians have bravely defied the repression and some have fought back against the might of Israel’s military.


Israel refuses to allow Palestinian refugees to return because it views the presence of Arabs as a threat to its existence.

Some 850,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes in 1948 by a programme of ethnic cleansing. Israel says demanding the right of return for refugees and their descendants is antisemitic because it spells the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

It uses severe repression against Palestinians to maintain its ethnic majority. It is supported by the US and Britain as vital allies in their dominance of the Middle East.

And earlier this year the Israeli government approved the Nation State Law enshrining racism against Palestinians into its constitution. It says only Jewish people have the right to citizenship inside Israel’s borders.

The law is designed to ensure Palestinians remain subordinated.

Israel has built several large settlements on occupied territory and hopes to claim the land.

But annexing Palestinian land would mean Arabs once more become the majority.

The only just solution is a single secular state in all of Palestine, with equal democratic rights for Arabs and Jews.

But Israel and its allies prefer to search for ways to keep Palestinians oppressed. Last week US president Donald Trump said he wants a “two-state solution”—a Palestinian state next to Israel.

But Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said any future Palestinian state would have to be under Israeli military control.

In other words, even if it happened a two state solution wouldn’t end the occupation of Palestine.

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