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Joe Biden’s cabinet will be a boost for the bosses

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Issue 2731
Many people were cheered by Donald Trumps defeat in the US presidential election - but will Joe Biden bring any real change?
Many people were cheered by Donald Trump’s defeat in the US presidential election – but will Joe Biden bring any real change? (Pic: Budiey/Flickr)

The message from the early appointments to Joe Biden’s new cabinet is that it will be a collection of pro-business warmongers.

This underlines just how little change Biden will bring when he takes over as US president in January.

Ron Klain, who has been Biden’s aide since the 1980s, will be the White House chief of staff.

Klain was also aide to Barack Obama and former vice president Al Gore.

He embodies the big business policies that flowed from those administrations.

And he was wheeled out last weekend to say that the Democrats will bring no fundamental change in coronavirus policy.

Klain said there will be no national lockdown including factories and offices. He added that any support for workers’ living standards will be based on agreements with the Republicans in Congress.

Others tipped to take places in the cabinet include Susan Rice for secretary of state and Michele Flournoy as defence secretary.

Both advised Obama in extending US imperialist bloodshed in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Rice served as the US ambassador to the United Nations (UN) and as US national security officer.

She has previously advocated for tougher sanctions on Iran, backed Nato interventions in Libya and been a reliable ally to Israel on the UN security council.


Flournoy is another ­warmonger who was sufficiently right wing enough to be offered the same job by Donald Trump.

In July Flournoy said that the US is losing its ­technological advantage over key competitors such as China. She criticised the Trump administration for not intervening militarily in Iran.

Flournoy also has her corporate interests. She serves on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton—a defence contractor—and is co-founder of Westexec Advisors.

This advises corporate clients on where to invest.

Sections of the Democrats are urging Biden to appoint more left wing figures to the cabinet.

The Sunrise Movement, a climate justice group, is pushing Biden to nominate Bernie Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders confirmed that he was interested in taking up a place, especially as labour secretary.

But there are no signs that Biden will appoint Sanders or Warren to his cabinet.

In any case Sanders will be useful to Biden only as a symbol to rein in any struggle against the administration.

Pro-Trump protest shows that reactionary politics won’t quietly disappear

Several thousand right wingers gathered in Washington DC last Saturday for the “Million for MAGA march”.

It was a clear show that the reactionary politics of Donald Trump won’t quietly disappear.

Counter-protesters challenged Trump supporters, chanting, “You lost.”

Trump quickly took to Twitter to condemn counter-protesters as “Human Radical Left garbage”  and “Antifa scum”.

He drove by and saluted a section of right wing demonstrators.

Militia groups such as the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys joined the march.

But more mainstream elected officials also offered support for it.

Republican Congress representative Paul Gosar and representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania were billed to address the march.

Republican Congress representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracist organisation, was one of the speakers.

Many of those who attended back Trump’s lie that he won the election. There were chants of “Four more years” and demands for an audit of the votes.

One protester said, “Trump was winning in a landslide.

“And then in the middle of the night mysteriously all these votes showed up for Joe Biden.

“I don’t buy it.”

Trump had already denounced it as “rigged” before Biden was confirmed as having won the election,

He then mounted a number of legal challenges, many of which have been overturned or abandoned. A large number of those who protested in Trump’s support also believe that the coronavirus is a “hoax”.

A mandate in Washington DC to wear masks was largely ignored.

For a march touted as the “million for MAGA” the actual numbers were relatively small.

But it is a reminder that the fascist forces that Trump has given confidence to won’t just go away.

And they can be boosted when Biden disappoints those who voted for him. A left alternative is crucial.

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