By Alistair Farrow
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Kavanaugh appointment is an indictment of the system

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Issue 2625
A protest in Chicago against Brett Kavanaugh
A protest in Chicago against Brett Kavanaugh (Pic: Charles Edward Miller)

Sexist, right wing conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to join the highest court in the US.

It’s a blow to all those fighting to limit and reverse the influence of the right in US society.

Thousands of people have protested against the appointment. Another 13 people were arrested as the Senate voted to approve Kavanaugh’s nomination on Saturday—and the process was repeatedly interrupted.

Appointments to the Supreme Court are for life. And now the conservative right has a majority on the panel.

The Supreme Court rules on constitutional matters. That means it decides on legal cases which have implications of national importance.

Three women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Their names were dragged through the mud, with self-confessed sexual abuser US president Donald Trump publicly mocking the testimony of professor Christine Blasey Ford.

The FBI “investigation” into Kavanaugh didn’t interview him, Blasey Ford or several witnesses that could have corroborated her evidence.

Kavanaugh’s opposition to progressive political causes is well documented.

He has publicly called into question the historic Roe v Wade judgement which partially legalised access to abortion.

Now there is a majority of judges on the Supreme Court who are opposed to that ruling.


Kavanaugh backed a Trump White House decision to deny access to abortion to an undocumented migrant who had been raped.

Thankfully that time he was in a minority on a panel of three judges and the decision was overturned. But the episode gives a potential taste of the things to come.

This latest scandal has underlined the bias of the whole Supreme Court system. There have been 114 Supreme Court judges—108 of which have been white men.

The leadership of the opposition Democratic Party claims the next stage in the struggle is midterm elections next month.

Its election offer to voters is the claim they are the ones leading the fightback against Trump.

Their strategy focuses on re-taking control of the Senate. One argument they have deployed is that this could result in Kavanaugh’s impeachment. This speculation is based more on attracting votes than the likelihood of it actually happening.

The problem is that their fightback is toothless, and has allowed a right wing sexist to appoint another of his kind to the Supreme Court.

The struggle against the racist, sexist right has suffered a blow, but the fight must continue. The fight for abortion rights, against sexual harassment and for justice can be won only in the streets, not by relying on the Democrats or the normal political system.

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