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Keep up solidarity as Russian socialist anti-war activists released

Activists sent in hundreds of messages of solidarity after the arrests of Rozalia Jamalova and Daria Sharkova
Issue 2795
A group of Russian anti-war protesters in a police van

Russian anti-war detainees arrested in Moscow last Sunday in a police wagon

Detained Russian anti-war socialists Rozalia Jamalova and Daria Sharkova have been released after a court session. They were fined 10,000 roubles—£55—each. 

Police seized them along with other protesters at an anti-war rally in Nizhny Novgorod on Sunday for shouting slogans against the invasion of Ukraine. Trade unionists, socialists, campaigners and others sent hundreds of solidarity messages in their support. This sustained and assisted them at a very difficult time.

Activists sent messages from Turkey, France, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Italy, South Africa, the US, Britain and other countries. 

The battle continues to free all of the 13,600 people arrested since the war began on 24 February. This includes 5,263 people who were detained on Sunday in 74 cities, according to OVD-Info project, a Russian human rights monitoring group.

Among those who sent solidarity were the People Before Profit party In Ireland. All its members of parliament and councillors said, “We, as socialist elected representatives, activists and anti-war campaigners in Ireland send our total solidarity to Rozalia Jamalova and Daria Sharkova and all those arrested in Putin’s brutal crackdown.

“We call for the immediate release of all anti-war detainees. Like you we stand opposed to all imperialism East or West and struggle for a world free of all national oppression and exploitation and thus free of all war.”

Ian Hodson, the president of the Bfawu union in Britain, said, “I am writing on behalf of the Bfawu executive and members to express our support and solidarity. To applaud your courage, strength and determination to call for an end to war in Ukraine. 

“In these dark days your actions embolden us all, to take action to demand peace and an end to all wars. We send our best wishes and offer our support and solidarity.” 

Carolyn Egan wrote, “As president of both United Steelworkers Local 8300 and the United Steelworkers Toronto Area Council in Toronto, Canada, I am urging the release from custody and dropping of charges against Rosalia Jamalova and Dania Sharkova and others arrested in recent demonstrations in Russia.”

The Stop the War Coalition in Sydney, Australia, said, “We salute the thousands of anti-war Russians who have taken to the streets against Putin’s war against Ukraine. We send our solidarity to the thousands who were arrested on 6 March. The courageous protests inside Russia have been an inspiration to the global anti-war movement.  

“The Australian government has been keen to develop the country as a centre of weapons’ manufacturing. It is planning to build nuclear submarines here as part of the AUKUS military pact with the United States and Britain.

“We send solidarity to your struggle and, by publicising your struggle, hope it will help get you released.”

Jess Edwards, NEU education union executive member, said, “I am angered to hear of your arrests and send my greatest solidarity to you. Here, we have watched the protests in Russia and been inspired. 

“We in the anti-war movement here join with you in our commitment to fighting this war, both by opposing Russian troops and any actions of our government that could escalate this perilous situation.” 

Anti-war activists everywhere must keep pushing for the release of all the arrested protesters and in solidarity with those taking to the streets in Russia. The global resistance to all imperialist manoeuvres is the hope as warmongers drive us towards disaster.

  • It is presently very difficult to communicate securely with Russian anti-war activists. Please send messages of support to [email protected] They will be forwarded safely to the support campaign.

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