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Left candidate leads polls ahead of Mexico election

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Lopez Obrador is leading in the polls
Lopez Obrador is leading in the polls (Pic: Emiglex)

Elections set to take place in Mexico on 1 July could deliver a left wing president in the shape of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

While the presidential election battle rages, other federal and regional elections are happening—almost 4,000 posts in total.

Lopez Obrador is running for the Together We Will Make History coalition.

He has campaigned for an end to corruption and has vowed to take on Donald Trump.

He has promised to reinvigorate state ownership and agricultural self-sufficiency.

And he’s even mates with Jeremy Corbyn. So what’s the problem?

As election day draws closer the ruling class in Mexico, the US and across the world are becoming more nervous.

Some polls put Lopez Obrador 22 percent ahead. Behind him is Ricardo Anaya Cortes, who is from an electoral coalition of both left and right wing parties.

Polling third is the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate, right wingers who were in office between 1929 and 2000.


Lopez Obrador won the Mexico City mayoral elections in 2000—and narrowly lost the 2006 presidential elections.

The ruling class could go as far as assassination to get rid of him. It has done so before with other politicians.

For instance, during the 1994 elections a presidential hopeful was assassinated at a campaign rally.

Luis Donaldo Colosio was a right wing candidate from the PRI who began talking left during the campaign.

There are other similar examples and candidates have already been killed during this election. So far 36 have been murdered, making it the bloodiest in recent memory.

Certainly some of the killings are business as usual in Mexico as different factions of regional ruling classes and gangsters fight for control.

Some 42 percent of the 127 million-strong population in Mexico live below the poverty line.

Lopez Obrador’s message of tackling corruption, and renationalisation, is a beacon of hope for ordinary people.


But despite its brutal record, the Mexican ruling class may not need to have Lopez Obrador killed.

In April the Wall Street Journal newspaper reported that Lopez Obrador was planning to sign up to a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).

Nafta has long been an instrument of US imperialism.

Lopez Obrador has a history of brokering deals with the bosses—as mayor of Mexico City he did deals with bankers.

The value of the peso has fallen dramatically as bosses begin to threaten to take their money out of the country if Lopez Obrador wins.

He is under incredible pressure to compromise with the Mexican ruling class and the US foreign policy elite.

The US mainstream media has begun its campaign to discredit him.

The New York Times newspaper has hinted that Russian interference could render the election illegitimate.

The rest of the mainstream US press has called for the US ruling class to take the threat of Lopez Obrador seriously.

It may well be the case that killing a figurehead as well-known and respected as Lopez Obrador would incite people to rise up.

The same could be said of a rigged election. Economic strangulation may be the best tactic for the ruling class.

The only way for Lopez Obrador to avoid compromise with the forces that have ravaged Mexico is to appeal to the working class.

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