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National strike in France as far right threat grows

Issue 2775
Workers in Paris, France on strike in 2010.
Workers in Paris, France on strike in 2010. (Pic: Hervé/Flickr)

Workers in France launched a day of strikes and mass demonstrations on Tuesday of this week.

Called by five trade union federations, the strike raises demands for higher pay, better conditions and for the government to abandon planned attacks on pensions and unemployment benefits.

It’s welcome to see resistance and it could be a launchpad to build on a number of important strikes in recent months.

But sections of the French left point out that it is a “day without a tomorrow”.

There’s no serious strategy to defeat president Emmanuel Macron’s assaults on workers, migrants and the right to protest and speak out.

Workers’ struggle is urgently needed as another far right candidate, Eric Zemmour, is neck and neck with fascist Marine Le Pen in polls for next year’s presidential election.

Le Pen calls for a referendum on identity, citizenship and the control of immigration. Zemmour has called for a ban on first names such as Mohammed and said he supports the return of 2 million migrants to their countries of origin.

Together, Le Pen and Zemmour poll more than any other candidate.

Anti-fascists resist Nazi Golden Dawn attack

Anti-Nazis in Greece saw off an attempt by the fascist Golden Dawn to smash up a rally in Athens on Sunday.

Between 15 and 20 Golden Dawn thugs attacked members of the anti-Nazi Keerfa organisation as they prepared for a rally in a city square.

The event was called to mark a year since leaders of Golden Dawn were convicted of forming and running a political organisation.

The thugs, wearing helmets and armed with batons, injured four anti-fascists, smashed up tables and damaged a sound system as police stayed clear.

But people from the neighbourhood chased them off, and the rally went ahead.

A statement from Keerfa said Golden Dawn is trying to rebuild itself by establishing new street fighting gangs in city neighbourhoods.

It said Greece’s Tory government and the cops are ignoring Nazi attacks.

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