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Palestinians face brutal crackdown on resistance

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Issue 2585
Ahed Tamimi faces charges after slapping a soldier
Ahed Tamimi faces charges after slapping a soldier

Israel’s crackdown on the Palestinian resistance has continued since it was launched late last year following a speech by US president Donald Trump.

Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip took to the streets after Trump declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.

Israeli forces have killed at least 14 Palestinians since Trump’s speech. One of their most recent victims, 20 year old Jamal Muhammed Musleh, died on Saturday after being shot in the chest.

Israel has launched several airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in the last month. And Israeli forces have also detained close to 700 Palestinians since Trump’s announcement.

One of the most prominent, 16 year old Ahed Tamimi, was arrested after being filmed slapping an Israeli soldier.

Tim’s view - Ahed Tamimi
Tim’s view – Ahed Tamimi
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Pro-Israeli groups hoped to use the video as evidence of Palestinian “provocation” of its soldiers. But the footage of unarmed Tamimi confronting the heavily armed solider became symbolic of the Palestinian resistance to the occupation.

It later emerged that a soldier had shot Tamimi’s 14 year old cousin Mohammed in the face at close range with a rubber bullet. The assault left Mohammed in a critical condition.

Trump’s speech encouraged Israel’s right wing government and its supporters who want to rob even more Palestinian land. The ruling Likud party’s central committee passed a motion on Sunday calling for the annexation of large sections of the West Bank.

Yet the speech also caused problems for the US and Israel. The United Nations general assembly voted by a huge majority against Trump’s move in December.

And Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has warned of the end of the “peace process” and assistance in policing the resistance.

Boycott victory rattles Israel

Pro-Israeli groups are outraged after singer Lorde agreed to cancel her planned concert in Israeli capital Tel Aviv in solidarity with Palestinians.

The Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement calls on musicians and artists to boycott Israel as a tactic in support of Palestine.

The Israeli government hopes to use performances by international artists to present Israel as a “normal” liberal state.

A high profile Israeli group took out a full page advert in the US newspaper the Washington Post, denouncing her as a bigot and an antisemite.

Boycotts play an important role in undermining Israel.

The Israeli government approved a plan last Friday to set aside £53 million to combat BDS.

It comes ahead of Israeli Apartheid Week, a series of events in support of Palestinians across university campuses, set to begin on

1 March.

Efforts to disrupt Israeli Apartheid Week last year led to events at several universities being restricted and even cancelled.

Saudi bombs kill in Yemen

Airstrikes by Western ally Saudi Arabia in Yemen killed 68 civilians in a single day last month.

Reports from the United Nations human rights office showed that a Saudi airstrike on a crowded market killed 54 civilians including eight children.

A second airstrike the same day killed

14 people from the same family.

Saudi Arabia is waging a war against Yemeni rebels from the Houthi movement, which it says are backed by its regional rival Iran.

It is heavily armed by Britain. Britain sold Saudi Arabia at least £1 billion worth of arms in 2017, including missiles.


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