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Protests in Syria show ‘pockets of hope’ for an alternative

This article is over 6 years, 8 months old
Syrian socialist Joseph Daher spoke to Socialist Worker about what the solution in Syria could be.
Issue 2470

Syrian society has been devastated. In areas held by the regime or Isis it is almost impossible to protest. But despite this there have been protests this summer against both. 

A number of demonstrations took place in August and July in the rural areas around Aleppo, Damascus and elsewhere.

In a small town of Al-Atarib in rural Aleppo, held by the Al Qaida-linked Jabhat al Nusra, there have been several demonstrations against its authoritarianism. 

Thousands of people marched in the town of Saqba, in rural Damascus, for the aims of the Syrian revolution on 7 August. 

A week later a group of women there protested for the release of political prisoners held by the Army of Islam organisation. 

Dozens held a sit-in at the offices of the local council of Douma near Damascus in July after a councillor was abducted.


And even in so-called loyalist areas, there have been protests over the regime’s treatment of soldiers and unpaid compensation to dead soldier’s families. 

One protest demanded the execution of Assad’s cousin’s son—a well-known thug—after he murdered an army colonel. 

These people aren’t supporting the revolution, but they are worth reaching out to.

They are tired of the war, the social crisis and the Assad family treating Syria as their own property. 

People under attack from every direction are still fighting for the aims of the Syrian revolution—for democracy and social justice. 

We should support them.

This doesn’t mean that I see any victory of the revolution in any near future, but these are pockets of hope. 

When there are democratic mass protests in Iraq and Lebanon, it’s clear that the process that started in 2011 isn’t over.

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