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Read all the anti-war articles by Russian revolutionary socialists

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They are an inspiring record of revolutionaries fighting their own ruling class
Issue 2795
Protesters in the dark with anti-war banner in Russian

Anti-war protest in Russia against the war in Ukraine

Since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Socialist Worker has published a series of articles from Russian socialists and anti-war activists.

They are an inspiring record of a modern-day example in the tradition of revolutionaries fighting their own ruling class despite intense repression and at great personal danger.

You can read them all here.

‘We assess the war as an inter-imperialist conflict between Russia and the West

‘None of us feel safe,’ say anti-war activists

Socialists have to oppose their own ruling class and imperialism as a whole

We should learn from the mistakes of Europe’s socialist parties in 1914 which fell into chauvinism

A political battle is taking place over the direction of the Russian protest

Sanctions are having a devastating impact on working class people in Russia

And here are two articles on these comrades’ arrest and release.

All those arrested need international support

Activists sent in hundreds of messages of solidarity after the arrests of Rozalia Jamalova and Daria Sharkova

Here is a flavour of their message:

We assess the war as an inter-imperialist conflict between Russia and the West, in which, unfortunately, Ukraine has become a bargaining chip. We are very sorry that your people have to go through such trials. The mood in Russian society is very different from the mood in 2014. The patriotic frenzy has been greatly reduced.

People don’t want war. Although it is worth recognising that there are also quite a few great-power chauvinists.

We stand for the defeat of our government in the imperialist war. We want to build a broad grassroots anti-war movement, bring a class agenda into it. Only by attracting the masses can we really influence something.

Many Russians do not like war now, it’s time to say “no war between peoples, no peace between classes”! We call on all leftists to come with us to anti-war actions!

We will continue to bring you news and analysis from our comrades in Russia, and we stand in solidarity with their fight.

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