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Sectarianism takes to the streets in Northern Ireland

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Issue 2366

Flag-waving loyalists took to the streets in Northern Ireland last week. Cops fired 26 plastic bullets and used water cannon at one Unionist protest on Thursday.

The Democratic Unionist Party is trying to claw back support it has lost while being in the power sharing government. It is using its traditional method of whipping up bigotry. 

The latest row is over which parades should be allowed and which banned.

The Parades Commission which decides this is itself a symbol of the problem with a society built on policing segregation. 

It provides “even handed” rulings on which march can go where assuming that people want to be divided and follow whichever “tradition” they grew up in. 

It equates marches celebrating opression with those resisiting it.

Loyalists argue their “community” is being left behind. By “community” they mean Protestants who vote for Unionist parties and are loyal to Britain’s flag and queen.

The real anger in working class areas over unemployment, poverty and an uncertain future is being diverted to point the blame at Catholics.

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