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Socialists in Greece face crucial court case from the Nazi Golden Dawn

This article is over 10 years, 2 months old
Workers are rallying to defend our newspaper and take on the Golden Dawn Nazis, says Panos Garganas
Issue 2382
Anti-fascists try to confront Golden Dawn in Athens on Saturday of last week
Anti-fascists try to confront Golden Dawn in Athens on Saturday of last week (Pic: Workers Solidarity)

Workers Solidarity, the weekly paper of the Socialist Workers Party in Greece, faces a court case from the Nazi group Golden Dawn.

Journalist Katerina Thoidou, publisher Tasos Anastasiades and the editor, myself, are set to stand trial on Thursday of next week. 

Ioannis Andriopoulos, a lawyer who is a paid assistant to a Golden Dawn MP, has accused us of “defamation”.

Our “crime” is that we supported the right to Greek citizenship for the children of immigrants. 

And we exposed the far right’s campaign against a law that granted citizenship to a limited number of children. We are optimistic that we will be acquitted in court.

The unions of journalists, technicians and other media workers have all taken a clear stand in our favour defending freedom of the press. 

At the forefront is the union of workers in state broadcaster ERT, who have been fighting against closure for the past six months.

Many other unions, including the general councils of the main union federations GSEE and ADEDY, have also passed resolutions defending Workers Solidarity.

The campaign in solidarity with our paper is part of wider resistance against the Nazi threat.


Golden Dawn is trying to regroup after the jailing of three of their leaders accused of running a criminal gang.

The murder of anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas in September exposed the activities of the fascist squads and their links to the parliamentary group that masterminds the attacks.

The high court is in charge of the investigation. But the coalition government of Antonis Samaras is still protecting the Nazis.

There was a huge police operation to protect a Golden Dawn rally in the centre of Athens last Saturday. 

Anti-fascist demonstrators greatly outnumbered the Nazi supporters. Yet a ring of police buses reinforced with riot squads kept away two anti-fascist demonstrations. 

Another important trial is set to begin one week after ours. 

Two thugs with Nazi links allegedly admitted stabbing a young Pakistani worker, Shehzad Luqman, to death in January.

The police found Golden Dawn leaflets in the flat of one of the two, but didn’t pursue this.

Pakistanis in Greece and the Keerfa anti-fascist movement demand that this case be linked to the high court investigation into Golden Dawn.

A series of public meetings is planned, and there will be rallies outside the courts at the start of both trials.

Getting the Workers Solidarity Three acquitted, and the murderers and their leaders jailed, will be an important step in the fight against fascism in Greece.

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