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Statement against intervention in Libya from the Egyptian tax collectors’ union

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No to Foreign Intervention
Yes to Arab Intervention
Issue 2246

No to Foreign Intervention
Yes to Arab Intervention

Our union has been following the events of the revolution of our Arab people in Libya closely, and we affirm our complete support for the Libyan people in their revolution and for their right to freedom from the rule of Gaddafi and his family.

We also affirm our complete condemnation of all the acts of repression which Gaddafi has carried out against our people in Libya. At the same time we reject foreign intervention and the aggression by foreign military forces against our people in Libya and call for Arab intervention to stop the shedding of the Libyan people’s blood and to stop Gaddafi’s aggression and bring him to justice.

Our union affirms its complete condemnation of the position of the Libyan trade unions which are collaborating with the Libyan regime and supporting the regimes destruction of the Libyan people. By doing this, these organisations shown that they have nothing in common with genuine trade unions and we call for their overthrow and for non-cooperation with them in the international and Arab arenas as they have the blood of the revolutionaries on their hands.

Long live the Libyan Revolution
Long live the Arab Revolution

Real Estate Tax Authority Union (RETA)

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