By Judith Orr
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Syrian dictator starves out key city

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Issue 2484
Poster of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad

Poster of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad (Pic: Rafael Medina/Flickr)

In Syria the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad gained control of the last rebel-held area of the city of Homs on Wednesday of last week. Homs was once coined the “capital of the revolution”.

Assad’s forces had held the district of al-Wair, where up to 75,000 people still live, under almost total siege for nearly three years.

No food aid had been allowed in for almost a year.

A truce deal allowed around 700 rebel fighters to leave with their families to be bussed to another rebel held area in Idlib province. Those accepting the truce remained. Many were in desperate need of medical treatment.

Assad is tightening the grip of his counter revolution.

Where constant bombardment does not crush the opposition Assad relies on the siege tactic, denying the poorest citizens basic access to food, medicines and power.

Rival powers agree on killing

Britain has joined Western airstirkes on Syria to ensure its place in the ongoing carve up of the Middle East.

Those Syrians least able to escape are at most risk from the increased bombardment. They face strikes by the West, Russia and Assad’s barrel bombs, as well as by Isis forces on the ground.

Western intervention is no solution.

The West bears responsibility for the conditions that fuelled the rise of Isis.

The only way out is for the imperialist powers to pull out of the Middle East entirely.

They use the ordinary people of the region as pawns in a geopolitical power struggle.

This must be stopped in order to open up the possibility for genuine self-determination for the people of the region.


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