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Syrian says, ‘Bombing is no solution’

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Issue 2476

Tens of thousands are fleeing the area around the Syrian town of Aleppo as Iranian forces back an offensive by dictator Bashar al Assad.

It aims to retake the town from anti-Assad forces. 

Russia’s recent military intervention has bolstered Assad’s ability to attack his opposition. 

But Tory plans to call for Britain to join the Western bombing of Isis will not make the country safer for ordinary Syrians. 

Ahmad, a student in Manchester, first came to Britain in 2013. He told Socialist Worker, “I come from Daraa, where the Syrian revolution started. I can’t go back now. The war is tearing Syria apart. And military intervention will only add fuel to the fire.”

Ahmad pointed to the hypocrisy of the Tories who claim they want to help those affected by the war. 

“It’s about economics for them—about money and oil,” he said. “It’s certainly not about a solution for us.”

Some Labour MPs are calling for “safe zones” or no fly zones. But these are not an alternative to military intervention. 

Policing them would involve the possibility of shooting down planes, including those of Russia. This could dramatically escalate conflict across the region.

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