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Syrians die under Western bombs

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Issue 2467

Eight civilians died in a US strike on Atmeh, northern Syria, last week. 

Civilians are paying the heaviest price for the West’s wars. 

The people of Iraq are living under Western airstrikes, launched under the banner of taking on the sectarian Islamist group Isis. 

Isis is a product of the conditions left behind by the West’s war and occupation of Iraq. 

And in Syria the US has been bombing Isis for almost a year. Yet the civilian death toll is mounting.

Syrian civilians don’t just face Isis and US bombers—they also come under attack from the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Assad’s airstrikes killed over 100 civilians in Douma, an area held by rebels near the capital Damascus last week. 

At least 27 died in a similar bombing on Wednesday of last week. 

The Tories want to extend bombing in Syria. 

We need to mobilise to say no to any Western military intervention. 

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