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‘The killing goes on in Palestine’

This article is over 20 years, 1 months old
DREW McEWAN lives in the West Bank, near the Jenin refugee camp where Israeli troops committed a massacre. He sent us this eyewitness report
Issue 1800

‘IT WASN’T a surprise to anyone, certainly not to the people of Jenin, that the United Nations fact-finding mission did not come to investigate. People had been told not to move anything until the team came, just in case valuable evidence disappeared into the trucks that carried away the rubble that was once their homes.

People paid no heed to these pleas, and dug out their meagre belongings from under tons and tons of dust and concrete. Stories are beginning to break about what exactly happened under the Israeli curfews. Mohamad says, ‘When the Israelis came to my village we all had to stay in our houses. If we went out we would be shot-we all understood that. When it was quiet some of the men decided that they would go out and harvest their crops. One by one they slowly started to gather their potatoes, tomatoes and corn. When they finished, the soldiers started firing on them. They hurried back to their homes leaving the crops in the fields. When the men returned they found everything was rotting. We are a small village with one school, and in that school the soldiers stole all the computers. Now we have nothing. They have destroyed everything. They take our lives and then they take our future.’

Even now the killing still goes on. Today, Sunday, a woman was working in the fields near my village of Zibabde with her two children when the Israeil Defence Forces shot them.

In the last week the Israeli Defence Forces have reoccupied Qalqilya and Tulkarim, and launched further assaults on Nablus, killing two men. My friend Rami, who was quoted in Socialist Worker on Saturday 4 May, has since been arrested.

We have to wait 18 days before we can contact the Red Cross/Red Crescent to find out where he is, if he is safe, or if he will be charged with some henious crime like belonging to an organisation that fights for freedom.’


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