By Joseph Daher
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US bombs won’t bring liberation in Syria

This article is over 9 years, 7 months old
Syrian revolutionary socialist Joseph Daher writes on Western intervention
Issue 2427

A banner held by a Syrian protester in Aleppo last week read, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Albert Einstein”. Below were the words, “Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Syria 2014.”

Islamic State, Jabhat al Nusra and similar organisations can’t be defeated with the same tools that created them. They are the consequences of criminal authoritarian regimes and foreign interventions.

The US-led coalition’s objectives are not to assist Syrian revolutionaries or protect them from Islamic State or Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

They are to re-impose Western hegemony over the region.

The reactionary regimes of the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, want to put an end to the revolutionary processes.

The West wants a Yemeni solution – an agreement between the Assad regime, or section of it, and the opposition linked to Western and Gulf regimes.

President Barack Obama plans to arm and equip up to 10,000 Syrian rebels. But the reality on the ground, and the will of the opposition armed groups, may thwart this.

Some armed groups in the Supreme Military Council of Syria, close to the US, resent the US and other Western forces for not targeting Assad’s forces.

But many in the country who are on the side of the revolution reject these bombings.

Western imperialists and their regional supporters use the expansion of Islamic reactionary forces to justify their new military intervention.


But Isis, which became Islamic State, was established in 2006. It was of no interest to these powers when it was confined to specific geographic locations in Iraq and later Syria. Some Gulf private networks even financially supported it in the beginning.

Islamic State and other sister organisations create instability for the global imperialist system. But they are in no way actors for the emancipation and liberation of the people of the region—very much the opposite.

We should oppose these bombings. Air strikes by US-led forces have killed more than 32 civilians so far. Meanwhile Assad’s forces continue their brutal war against the population and combatants of the Free Syrian Army in “liberated” areas.

The siege of Aleppo is almost complete. Assad has made significant progress in the countryside of Damascus, Al Ghouta. His forces have bombed the Al Wa’ar neighborhood in Homs daily for the last two weeks with the complete silence of the media.

The Assad regime is likely to benefit militarily in the short term from the bombings that weaken its military opposition. The regime also sees a chance to regain “legitimacy” with the West as part of an alliance in the “war against terrorism”.

The bombing may weaken Islamic State in the short term. But it is already painting itself as the only serious anti-imperialist movement, rather than the reactionary, sectarian outfit it is. Western attacks are radicalising new recruits.

Only the popular mass movement is capable of confronting these reactionary forces and the authoritarian regimes.

We must support and express solidarity with all the democratic and progressive forces in Syria and Iraq, as well as the Kurdish democratic forces. These resist the two actors of the counter revolution—the Assad regimes on one side and the jihadist and Islamic reactionary forces on the other.

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