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Voice from Egypt: ‘Libya’s impact will be contradictory’

This article is over 12 years, 9 months old
Sameh Naguib is a member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt. He spoke to Socialist Worker from Cairo
Issue 2266

“People in Egypt are suspicious about what is happening in Libya.

Everyone wants rid of Colonel Gaddafi. But there are worries about the role the West is playing there and how pro‑Western any new government might be.

Where will Gaddafi and his sons and allies be tried? There is talk that it might be in the International Criminal Court.

But they should be tried in Libya. It is a question of sovereignty. If they get taken away it shows it is not the Libyans’ revolution any more.

Some Western politicians are even talking about it like it’s Iraq but with better planning! That shows they think of it as an occupation under their control.

But Libya’s impact in the region will be contradictory. The fact is that to see another dictator toppled, even though it is in a more confused way, could boost the Syrian opposition.

If President Assad falls in Syria, the regimes in Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be in serious trouble.

Here in Egypt this whole political awakening started with the Palestinian Intifada. Our revolution has anti-imperialism at its core—and that aspect is reawakening this week with Israel’s attacks (see right).

The government tried to use it to strengthen their position, but it hasn’t worked. The movement on the streets is still too strong and there are still big strikes and protests—there was a major rail strike last week.

This is all happening even though this is Ramadan—it is meant to be the slow season.”

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