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‘We can paralyse Bolivia’

This article is over 18 years, 10 months old
The Coordinating Committee for the Defence of Water and Gas in Cochabamba, Bolivia, sent out this message to the global movement last week
Issue 1956

‘We have temporarily avoided the manoeuvres of the transnational corporations, the US government, the Santa Cruz elite and the traditional Bolivian political parties.

With the efforts of thousands of men and women, and at the cost of the life of miners’ cooperative leader Juan Coro, we stopped the return of Vaca Diez’s coalition to the government, which would have meant a bloodbath for the Bolivian people.

All the power of global capital was brought down against us, and we managed to stop it.

Our objectives continue to be the nationalisation of oil and gas and the creation of a constituent assembly.

We have seen two things. On the one hand, we are capable of paralysing the entire country. On the other hand, we have not been able to impose our objectives on the politicians.

Based on this we have begun a debate in Cochabamba about the need to build our own capacity for self government.

Our immense strength should correspond to a creative capacity to carry out our own decisions.

This has begun to happen with the occupation of oil wells, gas plants and refineries. On the next occasion we must be capable of operating them ourselves for our own good.’

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