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Workers come last in the first of US president Donald Trump’s budgets

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Attacks on workers could be trouble for Trump—if the movement stays strong enough, says Alistair Farrow
Issue 2546
Opposition to Donald Trump has generated huge protests - the movement can grow as he attacks more people
Opposition to Donald Trump has generated huge protests – the movement can grow as he attacks more people (Pic: Socialist Worker)

US president Donald Trump is creating more enemies for himself every day.

Whether he’s attacking trans people, migrants, women or Muslims, the pool of people the movement against Trump can draw from is growing.

Two figures released recently show the scale of Trump’s unpopularity among ordinary people.

The first, by the CNN news channel, showed some two thirds of people think undocumented migrants should have the opportunity to get US citizenship.

The second was the disastrous Gallup presidential approval ratings released on Monday.

Trump’s approval rating stands at 37 percent. The average at this point in presidencies since 1953 is 63 percent.

Some bookies are offering odds as short as 4/10 for Trump not to complete his first term. But Trump won’t be forced out by his unpopularity alone.

His “America First” budget, announced last Friday, sketches out brutal cuts for ordinary people in the US.

The Environmental Protection Agency is to have its budget slashed by £2 billion—that’s 31 percent.

At the same time he promised to increase military spending by more than £43 billion.

If the budget goes ahead, the states that voted for Trump will be among those worst affected by the cuts.


That will fuel more anger against the billionaire bigot.

The movement against Trump needs to be ready for that shift, which has begun already.

Trump’s latest attempt at a Muslim ban was rejected by a judge last week. But it is open to other legal attempts by Trump’s team to force it through.

Many of those taking part in the movement against Trump have only been recently drawn into political activity.

Now the movement needs to keep up momentum and the greatest possible unity.

The Harvest Movement, the migrant rights coalition that organised the A Day Without Us protests and strikes last month, is mobilising for May Day.

It has called for a month of events on campuses starting from this Tuesday to build for the 1 May protests.

American bombs kill Syrian civilians

the US military have confirmed that their warplanes struck a mosque in a Syrian village near the city of Aleppo last Thursday.

At least 42 people were killed and dozens more injured when 300 people were inside the mosque for evening prayers.

The US military claimed it was targeting an Al Qaeda meeting place across the road.

Village resident Abu Muhammed said he “heard powerful explosions when the mosque was hit”.

“It was right after prayers at a time when there are usually religious lessons for men in it.”

He added,“I saw 15 bodies and lots of body parts when I arrived. We couldn’t even recognise some of the bodies.”

While Donald Trump is more of a loose cannon on foreign policy, he is absolutely committed to US imperialism.

He is trying to remove Barack Obama’s flimsy legal constraints on using drones.

Meanwhile, 42 refugees were killed off the Yemeni coast after a US-built Apache helicopter attacked their boat.

Saudi Arabia denied its forces were involved.

But it has Apache helicopters and is waging a brutal war in Yemen.

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