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Dated: 22 Nov 2003

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Blood Brothers

They killed 21,000 Iraqis; now they’re bombing again

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In brief

Foundations threat

News round-up

Corporations and AIDS

Scandal that goes to heart of ruling class

IS ONE of the world’s most powerful manipulators of people’s minds a crook and a thief?

He started by stealing exam papers

Directors of Hollinger International include US war criminal Henry Kissinger and "Prince of Darkness" Richard Perle, one of Bush’s most vicious advisers.

And they call this choice?

Other big newspaper proprietors are stalking the Telegraph. None of those in the running to take over the paper will do anything to increase "diversity" or "choice" in the press.

7 February is the date for every trade unionist

TRADE UNIONISTS have a marvellous chance to come together to discuss and debate the crisis of political representation a few weeks after Christmas.

What an insult over teachers' pay

The government's 3.5 percent pay offer to teachers is an insult. The figure comes from the School Teachers Pay Review Body which is stuffed with government appointees. The extra money will be more than swallowed up by inflation and higher mortgage rates, which Gordon Brown has hinted will go up again. The pay rise will not reverse the chronic shortage of teachers in some subjects. And local education authorities are already warning they do not have enough money to fund the pay rise without making cuts. Education secretary David Blunkett hopes the pay offer will buy time to introduce performance related pay for teachers. But even the Confederation of British Industry has attacked this sch

New chapters in the struggle

WE HAVE a poster in our shop window: "Books not bombs—weapons of mass instruction".

Socialist MSPs are suspended

Four socialist members of the Scottish parliament have been suspended from the chamber for protesting in support of the right to demonstrate outside the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

Will this do?

Not much happened anywhere today.


Chinese memories of occupation and imperial atrocities

The Japanese occupation of China in the 1930s and 1940s is still such a live issue in Chinese politics because of the length and brutality of the occupation.

Middle East: Imperial assault on and tasks for the left

The present interview with Alex Callinicos was performed over several weeks by email spanning late July to mid September. The early questions took place at the start of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The last five questions were answered in one go in mid September. Because of the lengthiness of the interview it was not possible to pose any further questions arising out of these answers.


JFK: a true precedent of a president?

"DADDY, DO you think Nixon did it?"


Socialist Worker Appeal

SO FAR our readers have helped to raise £107,403 towards our appeal target of £150,000.

Panic over Iraq hits the White House

US FORCES have been occupying Baghdad for just eight months. But already the US faces a situation as serious as that which confronted it after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968.

The war project lies in tatters

THE WAR against Iraq was always about achieving the goals of the "neo-conservative" thugs behind the Project for the New American Century. They believed that conquering Iraq would help US capitalism dominate the world for the foreseeable future. This domination was to be guaranteed by a massive display of destructive power aimed at giving them control of a vital source of oil. Blair went along with this so as to get a small place in the US sun for British big business. But it all depended on being able to triumph quickly with the minimal number of troops, leaving the US free to throw its weight around in other places. A central part of US strategy is to be able to fight two or m

Why imperialists should get out now

SO FAR Britain has been the only country to provide troops in any numbers to aid the US occupation.

With wages this low, we need benefit advice

Over 290,000 civil servants will start a crucial pay ballot on Monday. Contrary to the stereotypical image, they are low paid workers suffering rotten conditions.

Uprising that brought down a dictatorship

THE EARLY 1970s were years of mass social and political upheavals round the world. Great movements were on the march everywhere, or almost everywhere.

Has your boss got spies on you?



Dude, where’s my futuristic revolution?



Five to catch this week

What We Think

Killers meet as the slaughter continues

If anyone had any doubt about whether it was right to protest against George Bush’s visit to Britain, they should just look at the carnage taking place in Iraq this week.

Revolt at home is worrying Blair

TONY BLAIR will have other worries on his mind while plotting with George Bush to intensify the war on the Iraqi people.

Your paper

The paper that says Bush off

But we couldn’t manage without your donations

Producing a national newspaper costs big money. That’s why most are owned by millionaires like Rupert Murdoch and Richard Desmond, or by global corporations like the Mirror Group. Last year they also got £4.9 billion from corporate advertising.

Other Categories

Vote to boycott SATs tests

WE ARE primary school teachers in south London. Next week we will begin balloting to boycott the SATs tests.

‘The US is now in deeper trouble’

THE SERIAL liars in the US administration keep telling the world and an increasingly sceptical US public that "the security situation in Iraq is improving and everything is returning to normal".

Support Iranian asylum seekers

EUROPEAN countries are stepping up their war against asylum seekers with plans to establish a new list of safe countries.

Unions calling

I WORK for £5.20 an hour in a call centre. Recently the Unifi union has started to hold regular stalls at my workplace.

Your View

Blair just doesn’t get it

Nestlé milks its profits from poor

AROUND ELEVEN million people are facing hunger in the African country of Ethiopia in 2003. But the huge multinational Nestlé has caused outrage by demanding $6 million from the Ethiopian government. It is claiming compensation for a company that was nationalised 27 years ago by the military government and later bought by NestlŽ. Nestlé is one of the world's largest food companies. It makes $6 million profit every hour.

Who says?

"You were great when you resigned. You should do so more often."

The terrorist the courts didn’t jail

A MAN who admitted breaching the Anti-Terrorism Act was sentenced last week to only 150 hours community service.

Tragic tale has new twist

THE TRAGIC death of Rachel Whitear in May 2000 from an apparent drugs overdose was used as evidence of the need for more laws against drugs.


Charles: what the butler saw

Brutality behind boom

WAL-MART, the world’s biggest company, is being taken to court by a group of immigrant former employees. They have accused the US supermarket chain of conspiring with cleaning contractors to make them work in conditions "one step away from slavery".


Figure it out

It is time to unite

MILLIONS OF people in Britain feel unrepresented by the traditional parties.

Marxism 2005 event

Thursday 7 July to Monday 11 July, central London

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