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Regime change now!
THE RATS stayed aboard the sinking ship. Tuesday's vote on top-up fees left Tony Blair and the New Labour clique holed below the waterline. But he survived because 85 percent of Labour MPs bailed him out by disgracefully voting to price working class children out of university.

Revolt at Hutton's Whitewash
<LI> Protest at war lies cover-up

Why won't they finish Blair off?
Blair's a war criminal, fees will wreck education, but Labour MPs run for cover. "Working class people, including trade unionists, anti-war campaigners, pensioners and students, all desperately require a political voice.

We can't afford Tony Blair
THE GOVERNMENT is arrogantly pushing ahead with its plans for university top-up fees.

Let's come together to bury Blair
THERE IS a message of hope for all those who want an end to war, privatisation and racism in the new year.

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