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Step up solidarity for Gaza
Israel has reduced Gaza to a wasteland. It has killed over 1,300 people, around a third of them ­children. Thousands more have been left injured, homeless and traumatised. The United Nations describes Gaza as a site of "utter devastation".

Take the banks from the bosses
As economic recession tears into Britain, millions of us spend our nights fearing for the future. More than half of all workers are worried that they might be on the dole by the end of the year.

Victory to the student movement for Gaza
Universities across Britain are aflame with fury and revulsion at Israeli war crimes in Gaza. At college after college students have occupied university buildings and won a series of demands in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Break Britain’s links with Israel
Israel has rained terror down on the people of Gaza – and yet world leaders respond with nothing more than soft words and no action.

Resist Israel’s murder of Gaza
Israel has expanded its murderous air attack on Gaza into a full ground assault. With all borders sealed, 1.5 million Palestinians are trapped – with little electricity or fuel and severe shortages of food, clean water and medicines – and facing Israel’s military might.

Stop Israel’s terror in Gaza
Israel is committing mass murder in Gaza, and the US and Britain are giving their blessing to the slaughter. Gaza’s hospitals and morgues are bursting with the dead and the injured.

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