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Issue: 1886

Dated: 31 Jan 2004

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Regime change now!

THE RATS stayed aboard the sinking ship. Tuesday's vote on top-up fees left Tony Blair and the New Labour clique holed below the waterline. But he survived because 85 percent of Labour MPs bailed him out by disgracefully voting to price working class children out of university.

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Now we need mass action to beat the fees

FURY ERUPTED among protesters outside parliament on Tuesday night.

London calling

The European Social Forum (ESF) is on course to be held in London this year. There was a real buzz of excitement at a meeting of around 150 activists in London last Saturday-the UK Assembly for the ESF.

Sheffield sales are the full Monty

THE NEW mood in workplaces across Britain is shown well by the experience in one city-Sheffield.

Workers' defiant action hits multinational

BY 6AM around 500 strikers had gathered at the entrances to Land Rover's plant in Solihull on Monday. They were not deterred by the high fences that the police had put up to pen them in.

Beagle workers hunt for more meat on their pay deal

MORE THAN 100 workers at the Beagle aircraft firm in Christchurch, Dorset, staged a one-day strike on Friday of last week in support of their pay claim.

Refuse workers battle union-busting

THE BATTLE between Hackney refuse workers and the Labour council got more bitter-and important-last week.


STRIKES BY workers at Sainsbury's distribution depot in Haydock, near St Helens, have forced the supermarket giant to make a new pay offer.

Fighting the cuts - Morpeth, Ealing and Leicester


Black day for bosses

JOURNALISTS working at the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph have begun balloting for strike action over pay.

Shaking the ivory tower

ON TUESDAY of last week 150 London School of Economics (LSE) students formed a human chain in front of the main university building in protest at director Howard Davies's public support for top-up fees.


A RECENT report in Socialist Worker (17 January) about the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum included an error in editing. It suggested that Gary Freeman, a member of the forum, is an asylum seeker on £54 per week.

News in brief - FBU, NUT, Turkish hunger strike

Fury over fire chief's insult

Post walkout forces new look at sackings case

ON THURSDAY last week, as strikers marched back into work at the East London Mail Centre, the song \"You Don't Get Me I'm Part of the Union\" blared around the office. Somebody had put it on the Distribution music system as part of our defiant celebration of a victory over an outrageous attempt to sack two of our colleagues.

Civil servants

MEMBERS OF the socialist Left Unity group in the PCS civil servants' union are voting on who will be their candidate for the forthcoming election for the union's assistant general secretary.


AROUND 120 people packed into a meeting organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign at the House of Commons on Wednesday of last week.

University teachers

THE NATIONAL ballot of AUT union members continues into its second week against a background of the debate over fees for higher education. The AUT backed the NUS students' union in its opposition to fees, and the NUS is backing the AUT pay claim.


GEORGE Galloway spoke in Coventry on Friday of last week at a rally to launch the Respect initiative locally.

Bus workers

WORKERS AT Stagecoach buses in Worthing, near Brighton, were set to strike on Friday of this week for better pay.


TUBE maintenance workers employed by Metronet Rail SSL are to be balloted on strike action from 12 February.

Pool protest

AROUND 700 people marched through the centre of Worthing, West Sussex, on Saturday in protest at the threatened closure of the town's only public swimming baths.


Strikes spread across Europe

PRIVATISATION, LOW pay and job cuts are provoking resistance across Europe. The last week has seen a rash of strikes and protest.


A carnival of global resistance

RETURNING TO London from Mumbai (Bombay) was like moving from technicolour to black and white.

What is the real case for socialist revolution?

The argument for socialist revolution is not really a case about "violence". It's about developing genuine popular power within society. It's about a vast expansion of democracy.

More than a fair quotient of distortion

AN ANNIVERSARY that may slip your notice: the 100th birthday of the intelligence test.


A bloody liar-and here's why

THERE WERE no weapons of mass destruction. That much should be clear to everyone, despite the fact that the Hutton inquiry did not consider that issue.

Deeper into the quagmire

NOT ONLY the political fallout, but the war itself in Iraq is continuing.

I want to know how my brother died

'A ABOUT 4AM we got a phone call from my brother in law in Birmingham. My husband told me that Mikey was dead. I refused to believe it. Later I called back myself. So we got up, with my two year old daughter Kiara, and me being seven and a half months pregnant, to drive from Hertfordshire to Birmingham.

'We are really on the move now'

HUNDREDS OF people got to their feet and cheered when the founding of Respect-The Unity Coalition was announced in London last Sunday.

How much has changed since the 1840s?

BRITAIN IS poised to become one of the most successful 21st century nations, brags Tony Blair. But for millions of British workers life feels like it is going backwards to Victorian days, not forwards to a better future.

Don't throw away chance to fight

THE government is deeply worried about the civil servants' strike. That's why on Tuesday of this week it appealed for more talks with the union's biggest section set to strike.

Why you should back the strikes

'CIVIL SERVANTS do not vote to take strike action lightly, but the time has come for a decent living wage for all. The image of civil servants as bowler-hatted Sir Humphreys on fat cat pay and a huge pension is wrong. Almost 15,000 civil servants earn less than £10,000 a year.


They try to keep us frightened

Your book about the intelligence services has just been reprinted. Why did you write the book?

Punky Beatles from Motown city

CD - Elephant

What We Think

How to send New Labour to its grave

THE TOP-UP fees vote on Tuesday was a disaster for working class people hoping to go to university. But it was more than that.

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Ian Murphy, Frank Satterthwaite and Pete Turner

Ian Murphy died suddenly last weekend aged 65. Ian was a longtime labour movement activist who had worked closely with the SWP in Newham, where he was a teacher.

Disgusted at how Labour government is treating us

I AM speaking on behalf of a large group of women who have suffered an injustice in our fight for equal pay.

Firms won't share bird flu vaccine

PHARMACEUTICAL companies and their control of drug patents are again threatening the health of millions in poor countries.

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