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Issue: 2642

Dated: 19 Feb 2019

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Thousands of students strike across Britain to demand action on climate change

From Glasgow to Exeter thousands of students walked out of school for climate justice. 

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Another defeat for May—but Labour needs clear left vision for Brexit and resistance

Theresa May found another way to lose a vote in parliament over Brexit on Thursday

School students’ climate strike, London

Thousands of school students flooded into central London to demand action over climate chaos

School students strike in London for action on climate change

Video from the 15 February climate strike by school students in London

Debates on fighting racism on campus at student Stand Up To Racism conference

A call to confront racism and the far right on campuses went out from the student Stand Up To Racism conference

Right wing split from Labour peddles reheated Blairism

The Independent Group's new politics looks remarkably similar to the old politics

Saving the planet means dumping the rich

The last few months has seen an explosion of inspiring struggle to fight climate change.

Hillsborough disaster was 'absolute chaos' witness tells trial

Police match commander David Duckenfield gave no orders as the match was stopped during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster, a court has heard.

Time to stand against the Nazi Tommy Robinson in Salford

Several Labour MPs and ­leading trade unionists have backed a protest against Nazi Tommy Robinson in Salford, Greater Manchester, this Saturday.

NHS checks mean women denied access to abortions

The Tories have been forced to admit that migrants were wrongly denied NHS treatment because of racist health charges.

Wythenshawe postal workers fight bullying

Postal workers in Greater Manchester were set to strike on Friday of this week and Monday of next week in a fight over management behaviour.

Reports round up: London Overground workers take on bosses

A breakthrough at South Western rail?

Fights against outsourcing bosses

A national day of action has been called on 26 February against outsourcing.

Mass march for Catalan referendum

At least 200,000 people—half a million according to the organisers—marched in Barcelona last Saturday against the show trial of 12 Catalan nationalist leaders.

Schools round-up: Protest at music cuts

A hundreds-strong protest by pupils and parents forced Labour-run Midlothian council in Scotland to step back from slashing the music service

Two more London colleges could join strikes over pay

UCU union members at two London colleges are balloting for strikes over pay and conditions

Glasgow strikes and #MeToo fuelled a confident mood at Unison women’s conference

Around 800 women held an inspiring and rousing Unison union women’s conference in Bournemouth last week

Don't let loser May keep going

Theresa May warned MPs that “history will judge us all” in a desperate bid to blackmail them into supporting her Brexit deal on Monday.

Two groups of Birmingham council workers fight to bin Labour’s attacks

Two groups of workers in Birmingham were set to strike together this week against attacks by a Labour council.


More migrant deaths likely at US southern border after Democrats grant Trump funding

The Democratic Party handed US president Donald Trump a partial victory over funding for his border wall plan

Spanish elections will highlight Catalan struggle and continuing austerity

Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez of the Labour-type PSOE party has dissolved parliament and called elections for 28 April.

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity

The economic and social policies pushed by the European Union (EU) are often described as a haven from inequality and crisis.

Yellow Vests take to streets despite cop violence and trials

The French government and the police are saying the Yellow Vest movement is all but finished.

Rage at rule of the rich and the corrupt hits Haiti

Huge protests and a general strike in outrage at corruption have gripped Haiti.

Democrats won’t stop Trump’s wall

Racist US president Donald Trump announced a “state of emergency” on Friday of last week in order to get funding to build his anti-migrant border wall.

Crunch time in Venezuela

The right wing coup attempt in Venezuela was set to reach a key turning point this week.


Arab rulers risk revolt by betraying Palestine

A summit last week exposed rulers’ disdain for Palestinians—but solidarity could block their plans

Centre group is formed on shrinking ground

Finally, all the rumours of a new centre party have given birth to—a mouse


Twenty years after Macpherson report - racism is still at the heart of the system

Twenty years a report into racism and corruption around the murder of Stephen Lawrence returned a verdict of insititutional racism. What’s changed?

Clamping the bosses—Camden traffic wardens' strike

Jenny is glad she lives in a different London borough to the one she works in. That’s because Jenny is a traffic warden, and the abuse she suffers would make her fear leaving her home.


Jeff Koons’s art is glitzy, but does it still have power to shock?

A new exhibition featuring 17 famously grotesque pieces by Jeff Koons jostles with antiquity at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, writes?Kate Douglas

Diane Arbus used her photographs to tell stories

Diane Arbus’s portraits grab your attention and challenge you.

What We Think

Honda job losses - the crisis in the car industry is about capitalism, not Brexit

The threat to the jobs of 3,500 Honda workers in Swindon shows bosses’ contempt for workers.

Don’t let blame for Grenfell Tower disaster be deflected onto firefighters

A Channel 4 Dispatches documentary entitled Grenfell: Did the Fire Brigade Fail? aired on Monday.

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LETTERS—We need more than token gestures to save the planet

Sheffield council has recently declared a climate emergency.

The things they say—school climate strike special

‘Disruption increases teachers’ workloads and wastes lesson time’

Sudanese activists speak out on revolt - ‘I don’t think the government can survive.’

People in Britain are organising solidarity with the inspiring movement of resistance demanding real change in Sudan. Some spoke to Sadie Robinson about the challenges and possibilities

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