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Issue: 2643

Dated: 26 Feb 2019

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The Tories fall apart over Brexit—now break their rule

Cracks in ­establishment politics are turning into chasms

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It’s an outrage that Shamima Begum’s citizenship has been removed

The withdrawal of citizenship is a huge punishment, delivered without trial. But it has come to be almost routine.

Former chief inspector told court David Duckenfield was ‘very brave’ during Hillsborough disaster

David Duckenfield made a “very brave” decision to open a gate and relieve overcrowding outside the Hillsborough football stadium, a court has heard.

No concessions to breakaway MPs and slurs about antisemitism

The resignation of two more Labour MPs this week are designed to pile further pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

Birmingham bins strike sees strong fightback and solidarity

Bin workers in Birmingham have staged two powerful strikes over discrimination by council management.

Rally in Salford for Nazi Tommy Robinson shows far right threat hasn’t gone away

Around 3,000 fascists and racists rallied in support of the Nazi Tommy Robinson in Salford

Police did ‘nothing to help’ during Hillsborough crush, says bereaved parent

A father whose two daughters died in the Hillsborough disaster was told by a police officer to “shut your fucking prattle” as he appealed for help.

Labour is wrong to back second referendum

The Labour Party’s left wing leaders have given in to pressure from the right to support calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Benefit rules broken in Jodey Whiting’s death

The government breached its rules over its treatment of a disabled benefit claimant who killed herself after her payments were stopped.

The right wing Labour split to attack Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine

Right wing Labour MPs are using accusations of antisemitism up ramp up the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

Trade union conference debates how to push back racism at work

Some 200 people took part in debates at a Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) trade union conference last Saturday.

Two struggles by workers in Birmingham trigger a crisis for Labour council

Birmingham saw hundreds of workers strike together last week against attacks from their Labour council.

Hospital workers strike for equal pay

Outsourced health workers in Liverpool took to the picket line

Royal Mail strikes against bullying

Postal workers at Royal Mail delivery offices in Manchester and Bangor, Northern Ireland, have struck against management behaviour

Say no to ban on Hizbollah

Home secretary Sajid Javid, in his ongoing grandstanding campaign to be Tory leader, has declared Lebanese group Hizbollah a terrorist organisation.

Corbyn backs down to big business demands over Brexit

The Labour Party’s left wing leaders have given in to pressure from the right to support calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Reports round-up—protests across Scotland against council cuts

Protests took place last week as Edinburgh council passed £30 million cuts

‘Cuts harm claimants’—Universal Credit workers

Workers in the West Midlands who manage people’s claims for the Universal Credit benefit are gearing up to strike over workload.

Stansted 15 face a new ‘cruel’ trial after blocking deportation flight

The Stansted 15 group of protesters have been ordered back to court over an incident for which they have already been punished.

Colleges in Hertfordshire could join pay walkouts

UCU union members at Oaklands College in Hertfordshire are balloting for strikes over pay. The ballot ends on 11 March.

School strikes to stop academy plans


Universities ballot is a sign of growing anger

UCU union members in universities have voted for strikes over pay—but missed the 50 percent threshold needed for legal walkouts.

SWP members in the PCS union statement on the pay campaign and AGS election

Two ballots for PCS union members starting in March, one for strike action over pay and the other to elect the Assistant General Secretary, will shape the future of PCS for some time to come.

Police officers cleared of misconduct over death of Sean Rigg

Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg, said the result provided police with a 'licence to kill', as she vowed to continue to fight for justice.


Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir

India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict.

Venezuelan crisis grows amid border showdown

As the right exploits the social crisis, it’s make or break time for left winger Nicolas Maduro, says Alistair Farrow

Striking teachers in California join growing revolt over pay and funding

Around 3,300 teachers in Oakland, California, began their fourth day of strikes on Tuesday.

Sudanese regime is ramping up repression

Al-Bashir is resorting to increasingly brutal methods but the rebellion is not going away

Yellow Vest struggle in France must spread to win

Big Yellow Vest protests took place in France again last Saturday, the 15th successive week of action


Why there’s nothing funny about using blackface

Recently the Gucci luxury fashion brand produced a jumper which, when pulled over the wearer’s lower head, looks like blackface.

Antisemitism is a far right ideology

Antisemitic conspiracy theories have nothing to do with the politics of Jeremy Corbyn, with his history of anti-racist and anti-imperialist campaigning, let alone that of the Marxist left


Labour—a party of conflict

Tensions inside Labour aren’t a result of Corbynism, but of fundamental differences within a party that tries to both maintain and challenge the state

After climate walkouts, school strikers say - ‘This is just the start’

A new movement against climate catastrophe is growing across the world. Sarah Bates spoke to the school students who organised the first climate strike in Britain, and who are now preparing for the next round on 15 March


Resist the attempts to turn the screws on drill musicians

The ruling class say violence happens because of music, but they are deflecting blame from themselves, argues?Love Music Hate Racism’s Zak Cochrane

Story of race in the US leaves audience floundering

Race and class in Trump’s America form the spine of this well-directed play.

And the Rest of Me Floats

This is a bold and vibrant piece of theatre that feels like a celebration of gender fluidity.

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Chagos Islands shame

Some of the longest-suffering victims of Britain’s colonial past managed to embarrass its rulers in front of the world

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LETTERS—We should all get behind the climate strikers on 15 March

The inspiring student climate strikes recently should be an example to all of us (Socialist Worker, 20 February).

The Troublemaker—Spy chief quit after cops found abuser’s reference

The former boss of spook ­headquarters GCHQ resigned his post after police investigators found that he gave a character reference in support of a paedophile priest who went on to re-offend.

Haiti—the corruption and the scandal behind the protests

Huge protests and strikes have swept the Caribbean country of Haiti. It’s a revolt against the corruption and imperialism that has impoverished ordinary people, writes Alistair Farrow

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