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Issue: 2644

Dated: 05 Mar 2019

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Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism

An article from March that goes through in detail the claim that Corbyn has boosted antisemitism

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Court apologises to Stansted 15 protesters for incorrect court summons

A court has had to apologise to the Stansted 15 protesters after it incorrectly ordered them back over an incident for which they have already been punished.

Shocking figures show need for a fight over poverty pay

Shocking new figures have revealed that more than a million public sector workers are paid below the voluntary living wage.

Labour leadership caves in to antisemitism smears against MP Chris Williamson

The Labour Party has capitulated to intense pressure from the right and suspended MP Chris Williamson for standing up to smears against the left.

Duckenfield agreed his failure was a ‘direct cause’ of Hillsborough deaths, jury is told

David Duckenfield has accepted that his failure to close a tunnel was the “direct cause” of the deaths of 96 people in the Hillsborough disaster, a court has heard.

United strike is just the ticket in traffic wardens’ fight for sick pay

GMB union members at Tory-run Westminster and Wandsworth councils began a 48-hour strike for sick pay on Wednesday. And they plan a further two-day strike from Thursday of next week.

‘I stood up to Blairite Ian Austin over Palestine and won’

Dudley activist Paul Jonson was suspended from work over a Facebook post where he said Israel was a “racist endeavour”. He had joined a lobby of local MP Ian Austin. An unapologetic campaign won his reinstatement.

Jewish Labour activist threatened after challenging accusations of antisemitism

Threats to Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi came at the end of a week of onslaught against the left in the Labour Party

Striking care workers in North West England win support from service users

660 care workers began a 48-hour strike against attacks on their pay on Saturday.

Bigotry makes Birmingham school drop LGBT+ lessons

A Birmingham school has suspended lessons on LGBT+ education amid parent protests.

Desperate May scrambles to offer cash for EU votes

Desperate Theresa May offered “left behind” towns in England a £1.6 billion funding bribe on Monday.

As politicians refuse to act - activists stay on the streets and demand climate justice

With just days to go until global strikes on 15 March, climate change activists show no sign of slowing down their protests.

Academy chain ‘loses’ 194 pupils

An academy chain “lost” 194 children with special educational needs (SEN) at one of its schools in one year.

A documentary that exposes horrors of domestic abuse in Tory Britain

This Dispatches documentary is a gruelling look at a refuge for women fleeing domestic abuse.

March to defy racist threat

Anti-racists are preparing to march in London, Glasgow and Cardiff

David Duckenfield made a ‘fatal mistake’ during Hillsborough disaster, jury is told

Poor decision making and lack of leadership by David Duckenfield contributed to the Hillsborough football disaster, a court has heard.

Reports round up: Bin workers should refuse to take any rubbish from council

Bin workers should refuse to take any rubbish from anti-union Labour council

Antisemitism accusations designed to attack the left

It’s open season on the left of the Labour Party as right wing Labour MPs campaign to portray their own party as riddled with antisemitism.

Scottish college lecturers strike—and teachers set for strike ballot

College workers across Scotland held their third one-day strike over pay on Wednesday.


India and Pakistan ramp up threat of new war in Kashmir

The conflict between India and Pakistan over their disputed border region Kashmir threatens to unleash new hell on a land that has seen too much of it already.

Strikes in North Africa rattle rotten regimes

Huge protests have swept Algeria in North Africa demanding the fall of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Determined Yellow Vests build more mobilisations despite repression

The French Yellow Vests are preparing for major mobilisations, in particular on 16 March.

UN slams Israel over Gaza protests

Israel may have committed war crimes in its efforts to crush Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip


The fantastic fictional life of Jeremy Corbyn

Nick Clark suffers the inaccuracies and smears in a new book about Jeremy Corbyn

Labour rows expose electoralism’s limits

The formation of The Independent Group (TIG) by breakaway Labour and Tory MPs is a sign of the extent to which the two-party system is buckling under the pressures of Brexit.


‘We have millions of reasons to protest’ on International Women’s Day

On International Women's Day, 8 March, mass protests and strikes are planned in some countries. Sadie Robinson spoke to some of the activists involved.

The Comintern - organising to fight for a global revolution

Revolutionaries formed the Comintern 100 years ago. Simon Basketter says this was a world-shaping event and that its activities still hold lessons for socialists today


Foxtrot film doesn’t dance to the Israeli state’s rhythm

It was funded and then boycotted by the Israeli government, but Nick Clark argues that it reduces the occupation of Palestine to a story-telling device

What We Think

The right wants Labour to be party for the bosses

Politicians, the media and TV personalities are gunning for Jeremy Corbyn.

Busting the myths of knife crime

Every death from a knife, gun or other assault is a tragedy. But it’s not true, as the Daily Express newspaper claimed on Tuesday, that there are “war zones on our streets”.

Other Categories

LETTERS—Health charges for migrants are racist—scrap all of them

The treatment of Boysie Folkes shows that the whole system of charging migrants for healthcare and checking people’s immigration status is wrong.

The EU is to blame for Libya’s migrant torture prison camps

Film evidence showing torture inside refugee camps in Libya was released just as Europe’s rulers made a deal to trap more migrants in North Africa, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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