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Issue: 2645

Dated: 12 Mar 2019

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Policies and slurs show the disgusting racism at the heart of the Tory party

The treatment of Shamima Begum has highlighted the racism at the heart of the government and its immigration rules.

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Tory suspensions underline party’s Islamophobia

Suspensions from the Tory party this week have highlighted the racism and far right sympathies in its ranks.

‘Triple whammy’ of Tory cuts has hit working class women

Heather Wakefield, author of a new report, said, “Austerity is shrinking women’s lives.”

Grenfell survivors angry at fresh delays to justice

Police investigating the Grenfell Tower fire have said they will not submit files to the Crown Prosecution Service until “the latter part of 2021”.

Hillsborough trial hears evidence given to inquests by Duckenfield and Mackrell

The prosecution has finished outlining its case in the trial of David Duckenfield and Graham Mackrell. The men are on trial in relation to the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

Big push in workplaces for anti-racist demonstrations

Trade unionists are taking up the fight against racism and the far right.

Tory benefits freeze has caused misery for tens of thousands

Shocking new figures have revealed the terrible toll inflicted by the Tory benefit freeze ahead of chancellor Philip Hammond’s spending statement on Wednesday.

Cops investigate after officers beat unarmed man

A police force has been made to launch an investigation into its officers after footage emerged of a man being beaten.

Socialism gives us a chance to build a sustainable world

A socialist society would allow people to plan for the needs of people and planet, not the profits of the few, argues Sarah Bates

Action over climate change set to spread to new schools

Thousands of students across Britain were preparing for huge strikes this Friday to demand urgent action on climate change.

Education round up: Strike threat wins pay rise for Scottish teachers

the threat of strikes by the EIS-Fela union has won Scottish teachers a pay offer that goes some way to restoring money lost under austerity.

Reports round up: Big protests for International Women's Day

Newark strike to grind down bosses

Local government round up: Birmingham care workers fight on, bins strike paused

Care workers in Birmingham are keeping up the fight for their jobs and the service with strikes set for this week.

Parliament votes won’t solve Tory Brexit crisis

There is still time to put forward anti-racist arguments over Brexit, argues?Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Pushed into poverty by cruel benefit freeze—scrap this vile government

Tory chancellor Philip Hammond’s spring statement this week follows a decision from MPs last week to continue with a freeze on many benefits.

Liverpool Women's Hospital strike for equal pay

Outsourced health workers at Liverpool Women’s Hospital have ratcheted up their fight for equal pay after a solid walkout last month.

Force out Theresa May after shattering Brexit defeat

Theresa May has to be driven out of office after another shattering defeat in parliament on Tuesday night.


Millions join International Women’s Day strikes in Spain

Women struck across the Spanish state on Friday, International Women’s Day, in a howl of rage against oppression.

Strikes and protests rock Algerian regime for third week

Huge protests against Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika have gripped the North African country for the third consecutive week.

‘Israel is for Jewish people alone,’ says its prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed last week that Israel—the state founded on Palestinian land—doesn’t belong to its Palestinian citizens

Yellow Vests gear up for big push to mark four months of a movement against Macron

The French Yellow Vest movement and organised workers in the trade unions face a big test.


Does money make the world go round?

In the past few weeks discussion of the obscure economic school is Modern Monetory Theory has gone viral


Is opposing the Israeli state antisemitic?

As Labour faces accusations of antisemitism, Nick Clark explains why the Israeli state is a racist endeavour and why solidarity with Palestine is crucial

What is socialism and can it work?

As thousands take to the streets to fight for climate action and against racism, Tomáš Tengely-Evans and Alistair Farrow look at what kind of society can fight the injustices of capitalism


A marvelous step forward for cinema’s superheroes

There’s some interesting themes in Captain Marvel, and sexists won’t like it. But it failed to live up to its potential

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez looks at how sexism in society kills women

Sexism pervades every level of society throughout the world—home, work, public spaces, transport, health care and leisure

What We Think

We can be powerful when we fight together

Amid the stifling narrowness of official politics in Britain, there are some very welcome signs of change this week.

Resist racist Trump

Donald Trump is again holding ordinary people in the US to ransom in a bid to get billions in funding for his brutal border wall with Mexico.

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LETTERS—How should we approach Birmingham school protest?

How should we approach Birmingham school protest?

Knife crime panic - how politicians and the press aim to give more power to the cops

Those at the top of society say that young people in cities are killing each other in record numbers but they do this despite the evidence and for their own ends, writes Sadie Robinson

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