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Issue: 2649

Dated: 09 Apr 2019

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What next after movement forces out the Algerian president?

Will protesters wind down their campaign after bringing down president Bouteflika or will they seek deeper change, asks Alistair Farrow

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Solidarity grows for victimised UCU union rep Lee Humber

UCU union members have called a day of action in support of victimised trade unionist Lee Humber.

Refugees stranded at sea by racist Italian government

A rescue ship carrying 64 refugees is stuck at sea after the Italian and Maltese governments refused to let it dock on Thursday.

Corbyn should say no to Tory Brexit talks

Jeremy Corbyn should end his Brexit talks with Theresa May now and carve out a radically different position to the government.

NHS privatisation rocks hospitals, yet Tories hand out millions more in contracts

Tory health secretary Matt Hancock is stepping up the privatisation of the NHS just as a fresh scandal rocked hospitals.

Climate rebellion set to spread across the world

Thousands of climate activists are set to take to the streets this week in latest phase of the battle for the planet

Tories are making us sick, say NHS workers at Unison health conference

Pressures faced by NHS workers dominated the Unison union’s health conference in Bournemouth this week.

Refugees rescued but left stranded on ship by EU

A rescue ship carrying 64 refugees is stuck at sea after the Italian and Maltese governments refused to let it dock last week.

Italy’s war on the Roma escalates as racists and fascists force families out

Racist protests started in the Italian capital of Rome on Tuesday of last week after the council announced a bus would transfer 70 Roma to a reception centre in Torre Maura, an eastern suburb of the city.

Workers at three West Midlands colleges fight back for better pay

Workers at three West Midlands colleges are striking this week over pay. UCU union members at City of Wolverhampton College began a three-day strike on Monday.

Reports round-up—Bin the Anglesey outsource pay gap

Bin the Anglesey outsource pay gap

Inaugural NEU union conference set to tackle education under attack

The first NEU union conference takes place in Liverpool next week. The NEU school workers’ union was formed by a merger of the NUT and ATL unions.

Labour is wrong to agree to Tories’ racist plan over Brexit and free movement

Anti-racists will have to fight major battles to push back the racist and far right challenge in elections and to defend workers’ freedom of movement

Fight for every vote in PCS national pay ballot

Activists still have plenty of work to do to deliver a strong yes vote.


Millions-strong Algerian movement piles pressure on hated regime

Millions of Algerians protested on Friday despite the former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika being forced from office on Tuesday. 

South Africa—birth of a party that says it stands for revolution

The Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party has been formally launched in South Africa.

France: unions and the Yellow Vests resist Macron

Trade unionists and Yellow Vests are set to march together this Saturday to defend the right to protest against vicious assaults from president Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Israeli elections spell trouble for Palestinians

Results of elections in Israel were set to be announced as Socialist Worker went to press—with no good outcome for Palestinians.

Hundreds of thousands join protests in Sudan

Hundreds of thousands of people joined demonstrations across Sudan last Saturday.


Can eating less meat stop environmental chaos?

The meat industry is destructive but changing our diets won’t be enough to save the planet, says Martin Empson

Intervention in Libya means more horror

For once a Tory has told the truth about Britain’s wars. Foreign office minister Mark Field admitted in parliament on Monday that Britain’s interventions in Libya have had “calamitous outcomes”.


Heading for extinction?

 The “sixth mass extinction” poses a deadly threat to future of humans, animals, plants—and the future of the planet. Sarah Bates looks at what’s behind the world-wide destruction of the natural world—and how we can fight to stop it

Amritsar—A very British massacre

Hundreds killed, thousands injured and bodies piled on top of each other. Socialist Worker tells the story of one of the bloodiest crimes committed by the British Empire in India


Dreams and prospects are broken in The Sisters Brothers

There’s bags of atmosphere and mercifully few cliches in this poignant, brutal and sometimes funny film, says?Alistair Farrow

The End of the Myth argues racism in the US is tied up in its ‘frontier’ narrative

For historian Greg Grandin, the story of the frontier is more like Cormac McCarthy’s macabre anti-Western novel Blood Meridian

The Half-God of Rainfall is inspired by mythology—but it reflects a sexist reality

The Half-God of Rainfall is a contemporary tale of violence, trauma and taking back power

What We Think

A badge of honour—not a Marx of shame

Theresa May’s appeal to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to resolve her Brexit crisis has infuriated many Tories.

The lethal logic of profit

Aeroplane firm Boeing admitted last week that its faulty planes are to blame for deadly crashes.

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LETTERS—Poverty means much more than not having lots of cash

Government statistics published last week showed a sharp increase in disabled people living in poverty.

The things they say

‘First of all, we are not zombies. I would like to confirm to the House that that is the case’

The Troublemaker—tired overworked Tories are hiding houses and lobbying

Boris Johnson has “an ­over-casual attitude towards ­obeying the rules of the house”

The first guilty verdict in 30 years isn’t the end of the Hillsborough justice fight

Relatives of people who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster have vowed to keep fighting following a trial ­verdict last week.

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