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Issue: 2650

Dated: 16 Apr 2019

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Sudan sit-in shows how ordinary people can run society and win real change

Sudan’s ruling class is desperately trying to reassert control as protests continue demanding fundamental change.

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PCS union members strike together over pay and jobs in London

It was a day of struggle for members of the PCS union in London on Wednesday, as workers in two government departments struck together.

Don’t send Julian Assange to the US – and don’t trivialise rape allegation

Julian Assange, who helped to expose Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces extradition from Britain to face the wrath of the US state.

School students on the streets against climate chaos

Thousands of students in Britain staged their third day of action against climate change on Friday

Extinction Rebellion lockdown of London begins

Thousands of activists have taken to the streets of central London to fight for climate justice. It saw people block roads at five different sites across the city.

Hundreds mark 30th anniversary of Hillsborough disaster

Hundreds of people gathered in Liverpool on Monday to mark 30 years since the Hillsborough football disaster.

Extinction Rebellion, day one of the climate revolt

A spirit of rebellion swept through London on Monday. It was a moment when, like the school students’ climate strikes, the talk about climate change stopped and action began.

Ukip’s candidates aren’t just a joke they’re dangerous too

The European elections will see far right groups using the rows over Brexit to gain support. Whether for Leave or Remain, anti-racists need to take a stand, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The bosses go nuclear over strikes at Sellafield

Outsourcer Mitie has turned to bullying measures in an effort to weaken a strike at Sellafield nuclear processing plant which was set to start on Friday this week.

Protests repressed in Algeria

Strikes and protests in Algeria have continued despite the regime’s attempts to undercut the movement.

Industrial round-up - three colleges in pay fight

Workers at three colleges struck last week over pay.

Firefighters reject ‘insulting proposal’ over new duties

Firefighters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to enter into open-ended contracts.

Fighting against the toxic legacy of Grenfell Tower fire

School students studying in the shadow of Grenfell Tower in west London are angry about being exposed to toxins caused by the 2017 fire.

Virgin rail smash and grab

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group will have trousered £306 million in dividends from Virgin Trains by the time the franchise finishes operations within the next year.

Cops face discipline charges after ignoring Shana Grice

Cops face discipline charges after ignoring Shana Grice

Cuts force teachers to ‘scrabble’ for resources

Savage attacks on school funding were a dominant theme at the NEU education union’s first annual conference in Liverpool this week.

Climate protesters debate a way forwards

After the initial excitement of Monday’s Extinction Rebellion protest, activists reflected on how the day of protests had gone—and what might happen next.

Workers protest over hospital outsourcing

The GMB union held protests against outsourcer ISS at hospitals last week—including at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich, Princess Royal Hospital in Orpington and Kingston hospital.

Don’t let Theresa May off the hook

Theresa May found no respite on her Easter ­walking holiday in North Wales.

Extinction Rebellion protests take place across the world

Extinction Rebellion said on Tuesday, “In 25 countries around the world, rebels of all kinds and backgrounds have begun taking non-violent direct action in a bid to save our planet from catastrophe.”

Sajid Javid’s life of crimes


Hundreds arrested as central strategy of movement

Part of the strategy for the Extinction Rebellion movement is to provoke the state to take action against protesters.

Education round up: Union says celebrate LGBT+ in schools

The NEU union conference passed an emergency motion in defence of LGBT+ inclusive relationship and sex (RSE) education.


NEU delegates backed a fight for a pay rise of at least 5 percent following years of real terms pay cuts.

Extinction Rebellion day two - debates, arrests and defiance

London was besieged for a second day by protests and occupations over climate change on Tuesday.

Left learns lessons from US teachers at union conference

Activists launched a new left group within the NEU at the union’s annual conference.

Teachers demand union fights for a pay rise

NEU union conference delegates backed a fight for a pay rise of at least 5 percent following years of real terms pay cuts.


After Omar al-Bashir forced out - protests, not the army, can win real change in Sudan

Months of protest have forced the army to remove Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir.

Biggest strike for decades rocks Poland’s government

Unions estimate that over 600,000 workers are taking part in an indefinite education strike - not just teachers, butcooks, cleaners, caretakers and office staff as well.

Attacks on Palestinians lay behind Netanyahu win

Binyamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Israeli prime minister last week—and the result reflects the racist violence of the Israeli state, writes Nick Clark


Are the Tories facing an existential crisis?

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a brilliant novel called The Reprieve, set during the Munich crisis of September 1938. He showed how the agreement that ended the crisis solved nothing, simply postponing the outbreak of the Second World War by a year.


Algeria - conquest by France

Algeria's revolt has been shaped by a history of imperialism and revolution. As part of a new series, Alistair Farrow looks at the French conquest from the 1830s to the 1950s

Driving out the homeless

People in desperate housing need are being forced to live in an old office block next to the North Circular road, a six lane motorway that loops through north London.


The Parisian is a challenging debut novel about identity

Isabella Hammad’s book is an ambituous examination of ideas of identity and colonialism without sacrificing its narrative, writes Gareth Jenkins

What We Think

Militant mass action can change the system

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) revolt this week is inspiring. Crucially, like the school students’ climate strikes, it has seen a move from words to action.

Signs of democracy

Ordinary people have responded in a huge variety of ways to the political and economic crisis ravaging the system.

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Obituary - Matt Gardiner, 1939 - 2019

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of our comrade Matt Gardiner.

Letters - Solidarity matters to people who face attack in Palestine

On Monday 4 March 2019, I landed at Tel Aviv airport in Israel ready to be picked up and transported to Ramallah in Palestine.

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