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Issue: 2652

Dated: 30 Apr 2019

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The Brexit Party aims to strengthen the far right - don’t be a fool for Farage

There are two common mistakes about Brexit. The first is that it is necessarily a coherent right wing project about achieving an even more radical form of neoliberalism than currently prevails in Britain.

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Labour promises end to slum office housing—but Labour councils still send tenants to live in them

Labour has pledged to end the scandal of developers converting office blocks into flats if it wins the next election

Tests for four year olds ‘shouldn’t be allowed,’ say protesters

Children, parents, school workers and others marched on Downing Street to demand an end to “baseline tests”

Anti-racists vow to stop Nazi Tommy Robinson becoming an MEP

Nazi Tommy Robinson announced that he is running in the European elections in the North West

Extinction Rebellion activists debate where next after 10 days of action ends

Activists are debating the way forward after Extinction Rebellion (XR) ended its long-running disruptive protest in central London on Thursday night.

Hundreds march to remember Blair Peach and Gurdip Singh Chaggar

Around 700 people joined a march to remember Blair Peach and Gurdip Singh Chaggar in Southall, west London

Anger and trauma two years after Grenfell fire

Almost two years after the Grenfell Tower fire, people across Britain are suffering the “trauma” of living in tower blocks with similar flammable cladding.

London college strikers say, ‘You have to stand up and fight’

Workers at two London colleges are holding three-day strikes this week in a battle over pay and conditions.

Military try to head off real change in Sudan

Sudan’s generals are desperate to force through a dodgy deal with the opposition, writes Charlie Kimber

More protesters demand action on climate change after Extinction Rebellion blockades

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) series of protests and occupations is changing the landscape of British politics.

Jo McNeill unveils vision for UCU union

Voting has begun in the election of the UCU union’s next general secretary. Former general secretary Sally Hunt resigned in February citing health reasons.

Teachers test support for a boycott of the hated Sats

Activists in the NEU union are organising in advance of an indicative ballot for a boycott of Sats in primary schools.

Reports round up: A swan song for far right Anne Marie Waters


Let’s not wait to win change

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leadership was defeated at its conference last weekend. Members voted to fast track plans to establish a new currency in an independent Scotland.

Anti-racists get organised to stop Tommy Robinson’s European election bid

Anti-racists are mobilising to stop Tommy Robinson winning a seat in the European elections this month.

Chaotic Tories’ election panic

Theresa May and the Tories should go now.

Continue the fight after PCS vote for a national pay strike

PCS union activists are debating the way forward after members voted to strike over pay, but didn’t quite meet the turnout threshold demanded by Tory anti-union laws.

Workers get ready to strike against Labour-run councils

Two councils are seeing a fightback by workers. In both of them, every single councillor is from the Labour Party.

Postal workers say they’re ready to strike

Postal workers have said they could ballot for national strikes over management bullying and attacks on terms and conditions.

Fighting the outsourcers

Outsourced catering workers at two South Yorkshire hospitals plan to strike for three days a week for the whole of May.

Nicola Sturgeon’s speech does not guarantee Indyref2

Tens of thousands of people were set to join the All Under One Banner demonstration for Scottish independence on Saturday.


Spanish elections: the mainstream right shattered, but the far right rises

Elections in the Spanish state on Sunday saw the victory of the Labour-type party but also the entry into the congress of the far right VOX party

Polish school workers’ leaders retreat

A historic strike of teachers and other school and nursery workers has been unnecessarily ended by the leaders of the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP), the biggest union involved.

Donald Trump’s attacks on migrants - more reasons to protest against his visit in June

Racist US president Donald Trump is coming to Britain in June for a state visit. And apparently he’s keen to give people here more reasons to oppose him.



Can the world go carbon free?

How can we win Extinction Rebellion's key demands?

How we can win a real say

What does democracy looks like? And who creates it?

The rising in 1820 was a challenge to the state

The Radical War in Scotland two centuries ago saw a mass strike movement, plans for armed rebellion—and then bitter government repression, writes Charlie McKinnon


Stanley Kubrick exhibition is one for the die-hard fans

Film exhibitions often amount to no more than memorabilia. This exhibition about film director Stanley Kubrick has higher ambitions.

Vox Lux is a bold vision, but loses its politics along way

A brutal school shooting in Statten Island, New York, is the start of a glittering pop career in Vox Lux.

What We Think

Nazi Tommy Robinson - a threat we must stop

Tommy Robinson is a danger to Muslims, minorities and working class people. Everyone has to make sure he isn’t elected as an MEP for the North West of England on 23 May.

A climate of inaction by politicians over the planet

After a week of protests during the “International Rebellion” for climate change, political leaders have agreed to talks with the Extinction Rebellion (XR) direct action group.

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LETTERS - We must destroy capitalism before it wrecks our planet

I have been part of Extinction Rebellion (XR) in York since December.

The Troublemaker—Plenty of funds for top cops and sticks to hit people with

A police chief who claims his service is ­underfunded has overseen a 50 percent rise in ­highly-paid officers.

The Sats don’t work - they just make things worse

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party will scrap the hated Sats school tests. Sadie Robinson spoke to people about why they should go now

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