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Issue: 2655

Dated: 21 May 2019

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As Tories’ face wipeout, make the most of their Euro election disaster

The Tories faced a wipeout at this week’s European elections.

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Anti-racists keep up action against Nazi Tommy Robinson in North West

Campaigners were out to stop Nazi Tommy Robinson in the European elections right up to the vote on Thursday.

Euro elections round up: Far right rally in Milan as polls predict high votes

Far right parties in many parts of Europe were hoping for major gains in this week’s elections.

Winning nationally and locally on pay and conditions in FE

The defence of Further and Adult education is urgent. With over one million adult education places gone in the past five years, FE is fighting for its life.

Bosses want to pull the plug on Labour plan to nationalise energy network

Prepare for a surge of lies from the power companies as Jeremy Corbyn outlines plans to nationalise substantial parts of Britain’s energy network on Thursday. 

Birmingham care workers promised victory in dispute

Striking home workers are celebrating after Birmingham City Council seems to have backed off from attacks on their jobs.

Baby deaths in South Wales show NHS is at breaking point

How many babies have to die before authorities admit that maternity services in South Wales are at breaking point?

Anti-racists take to the streets against fascist Tommy Robinson

Campaigning took place across Greater Manchester, Oldham. Liverpool, Carlisle, Crewe and Preston

Rise in hunger has Tory ‘fingerprints all over it’, says human rights report

Human Rights Watch said that austerity and benefit cuts mean tens of thousands of families across England don’t have enough to eat.

Senior cop speaks at Edson Da Costa inquest

A senior police officer has said he was hindered from giving first aid to Edson Da Costa because he was under “threat”, a court has heard.

School climate strikers prepare for a global wave of action

A huge climate strike was set to sweep across the world this week as part of the latest Fridays for Future school student walkouts.

PCS debates how to fight and win on pay

Debates over the next steps in a pay fight in the civil service ran through the PCS union’s conferences this week.

Mark Serwotka—How we can beat the Tories and defend workers’ rights

On the eve of the union’s conference, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka spoke to Socialist Worker’s Nick Clark

Transport round-up—Stagecoach bus strike plan

Stagecoach bus drivers in Preston and Chorley are preparing to strike again.

Two days of strikes at colleges in Scotland

Thousands of college lecturers struck across Scotland on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

Reports round-up

About 180 workers at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria began a ten-day strike over pay on Sunday.

UCU conference - new battle for pensions & Winchester strike

UCU union members will meet for their annual congress in Harrogate this weekend. Members in higher education are demanding the union acts to defend their USS pension scheme.

Fighting the racists at Soas & UCU round up

University workers and students protested against the far right Alternative fur Deutchland (AfD) party in central London on Friday of last week.


Sudan’s generals suspend talks with opposition as they try to cling on to power

Sudan’s military rulers have suspended talks on moving the country towards civilian rule in a bid to demobilise the movement that toppled dictator Omar al-Bashir last month. 

Brazil protests show people have power to bring down far right Bolsonaro

Huge protests gripped university campuses in Brazil on Wednesday in the biggest challenge to far right president Jair Bolsonaro since his inauguration at the beginning of the year.

Chelsea Manning needs solidarity as she faces revenge of US state

Chelsea Manning has been jailed again for contempt of court after refusing to testify to an inquiry into the WikiLeaks website.

International round up: Corruption final nail in coffin for Austrian Tory - Nazi allies

Anti-fascists in Austria are celebrating after the collapse of the country’s Tory/Nazi coalition last weekend.

Strikes for future of Sudanese revolution

Workers are fighting to defend their movement from the old regime’s repression, writes?Charlie Kimber

Algerian students reject ruling clique

Thousands of students broke through police lines to storm government buildings in Algiers on Sunday.


Farage has benefited from ruling class splits

Who is the most successful British politician of the 21st century? The depressing answer, according to the election expert John Curtice, is Nigel Farage.


Resisting Trump’s war on women

The United States is a dangerous place to be a woman. An onslaught of laws has chipped away at abortion rights since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president two and a half years ago.

Can growth be good?

Growth is central to capitalism, but the expansion of production can be organised to protect people and the planet if it is coupled with radical change, argues Simon Basketter

Fight for Green New Deal—but don’t stop there

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at a new series of demands making waves in the environmental movement


A barnstorming, drug-filled trip to Scotland in the 1990s

Beats recounts the Scottish free party scene in this well judged slice of 1990s nostalgia which makes political points too, writes Brian Claffey

Illegalised—brutal play about immigration detention

Illegalised will disturb you deeply, and that is a good thing.

What We Think

Stop warmonger Trump in June

For the second time in his presidency, Donald Trump has threatened to destroy a whole country.

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Letters: Tories lie about Universal Credit—and you’re paying

Universal Credit (UC) officials have orchestrated an elaborate PR campaign to counter the exposure of their sorry excuse for a welfare system.

The Troublemaker—Cops’ hidden evidence proves framed fisher folk’s innocence

Five fishing workers convicted of smuggling a record haul of cocaine claim that police failed to disclose vital radar evidence that proves their innocence.

WhatsApp with the Israeli phone hacking scandal?

While the US and Britain wind up a row with China over Huawei, they’re decidedly less

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