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Issue: 2656

Dated: 28 May 2019

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Six reasons to march against Trump

The world’s most infamous racist, sexist climate denier is heading to Britain next month. Alistair Farrow looks at the impact of US president Donald Trump’s nasty policies in the US—and explains why you should join protests against him

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Nigel Farage’s Olympia rally - racism just beneath the surface

At least 3,000 people packed into a Brexit Party rally in central London on Tuesday

PCS conference votes for national ballots in debate over pay campaign

Delegates to the PCS union’s national conference have passed a motion committing the union to continuing a campaign for national strikes over pay.

Real fight needed at British Steel to save jobs

Unions are calling for nationalisation, but winning that will take mass resistance.

Prospect House exposes what is wrong with housing in Britain

Living in Prospect House is dangerous. It is an old office block just off the North Circular motorway in north London which has been converted into studio flats. It is separated from the motorway by a single slip road.

Modi and the BJP’s victory means religious and caste minorities under threat in India

Hard right prime minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party have been re-elected by a landslide in India’s general election.

Theresa May announces she is to go - now let’s get the rest of the Tories

Theresa May has finally caved in to relentless pressure and announced she will resign as Tory leader on 7 June.

School climate strikers march to demand action on climate change

Tens of thousands of school students across Britain have struck again to demand action to avert a climate catastrophe.

Tories’ lies over ‘tragic’ scale of poverty exposed

Severe hardship is “systematic” in Britain according to a report by the United Nations—and the nasty party is to blame. Nick Clark looks at its findings

Birmingham pride says no to division

Tens of thousands of people marched through Birmingham as the city’s Pride festival began on Saturday.

UCU conference votes for more action to push the pensions fight forward

The battle to defend university pensions is back on following a resounding demand for action at the UCU union’s annual congress.

Euro elections see political crisis, and the racists make some gains

The Brexit Party came first, the Tories took less than 10 percent - and there are questions for Labour. Tommy Robinson lost heavily,

China 1989 - workers in revolt

Thirty years ago demonstrators stood up to tanks in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Sadie Robinson looks at what the mass revolt of students and workers was all about

Behind the swift rise of the Brexit Party beast

Farage has played clever by bridging class divisions. The left must expose the racism at the heart of it

New cladding tests fail

Theresa May had the front to claim during her resignation speech last week that she had fought “the burning injustices that still scar our society”.

Paramedics told wrong address, hears Edson Da Costa inquest


Slowthai sticks two fingers up to ‘Great Britain’

Slowthai wastes no time making clear his disdain for the establishment in Nothing Great About Britain, his debut album.

Humiliating election defeat for Nazi Tommy Robinson

Anti-racists are celebrating after Nazi Tommy Robinson and the racist Ukip party were humiliated in the European elections last week.

Britain, the ‘world’s greatest enabler’ of corporate tax avoidance

The government is ruthlessly tough on any suspicion of benefit “fiddling”. But it encourages the incomparably greater tax scams of the powerful.

Reports round up: Delivery drivers strike over over pay and hours

New strikes in the NHS

Local government round up: Women workers win gains in Glasgow

The fight for equal pay at Glasgow City Council has reached a new chapter last week as workers began to receive details of their financial settlements.

Reports from the international climate movement

Organisers say strikes took place in over 130 countries.

Jo Grady win represents a shift towards the left

Jo Grady has been elected as UCU general secretary—easily beating establishment candidate Matt Waddup.

Strike threat forces retreat

Bosses at the University of Winchester have ruled out compulsory redundancies following a threat to strike.

Euro elections round up: Lib Dem austerity mongers make big wins in elections

Lib Dem austerity mongers make big wins in elections

Mainstream parties reap fallout of political crisis

The European election results have underlined the political crisis in Britain and the wholesale collapse of the Tories

Labour vote gives ammunition to party right wingers who want rid of Corbyn

The Labour Party did very poorly in the European elections—but not as badly as the Tories. It fell to third place overall, behind the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats. In Scotland it fell to fifth place, with less than a 10 percent share of the vote.

Labour right pressure Corbyn to back a 'people's vote'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is about to officially back a second Brexit referendum, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.


Sudanese union calls general strike for ‘full victory’ against military

Groups of workers across Sudan began a two-day general strike on Tuesday as part of the fight to remove the military regime.


Far right gain from mainstream crisis

The two “moderate” blocs that have run the European Parliament for decades have seen their control torn away in the recent elections.



Untold voices from struggle for women’s suffrage in US

A new book about the fight by women to get the vote in the US focuses on voices which are too often left out of mainstream histories, writes?Jan Nielsen

What We Think

Left won’t make gains without class politics

There’s a howling political crisis in Britain—and the left is missing out.

Shed no tears for May

Theresa May confirmed she was standing down as Tory leader on Friday of next week. Most people, including the posh scum of her own party, are glad she is going.

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Letters - Beating Tommy Robinson shows we make a difference

I feel completely relieved and excited that Tommy Robinson failed in his bid to become an MEP in the Euro elections for the North West.

The things they say

‘Who’s ever wondered what someone drinking a cup of cold sick looks like in article form?’ - Owen Jones

Troublemaker’s guide to Tory leadership candidates

There are a lot of them and there may be more. But we can guarantee that whichever one wins they won’t be very nice

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