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Issue: 2663

Dated: 16 Jul 2019

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Extinction Rebellion launches a ‘Summer Uprising’

Extinction Rebellion’s “Summer Uprising” against climate catastrophe began on Monday morning in typically ­brazen fashion.

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Jeremy Hunt’s promises of peace with Iran mean nothing—resist the drive to war

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that the collapse of a nuclear deal with Iran would “represent an existential threat to mankind”.

All-out strike over pay and outsourcing hits London - and needs your support

Cleaners and caterers at the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (Beis) began an all-out indefinite strike this week.

Tommy Robinson jailed after conviction for contempt of court

Nazi Tommy Robinson was jailed for nine months last week after being found guilty of contempt of court. He will serve around nine weeks before being released.

Unofficial action over pay at North Yorkshire food factory

Hundreds of workers at Karro Foods in Maltonstruck unofficially for two days

Great Western Railway cleaners walk out over changes to shifts

Cleaners on the Hitachi/Great Western Railway contract staged a solid 48-hour strike

Reports round-up: Hundreds join Grenfell silent walk

Hundreds of people marched to remember those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire last Sunday

Bradford battles to defend NHS status

Porters, domestics and security staff at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust struck for seven days

Amazon staff stage strikes in protest at pay and conditions

Groups of Amazon workers across the world struck on Monday in protest at pay and conditions.

Strong strike at Birmingham university sees bigger picket lines and union recruits

Unison union members at Birmingham university struck on Tuesday

Schools round-up: Frustration after Sats result

The NEU union plans to consult some of its members on whether to ballot for local boycotts of Sats tests

Lincolnshire health visitors strike over pay and to defend the service

Unite calculates that some health visitors have lost more than £2,000 a year since they were transferred from the NHS

New report a ‘brutal reality check’ as Tories ignore threat of rising temperature

Government inaction on climate change is threatening the lives and homes of millions of people in Britain

Panorama programme on Labour was a shoddy attack on solidarity with Palestine

The BBC Panorama documentary on Labour and antisemitism on Wednesday was a naked attack on solidarity with Palestinians and legitimate criticism of the Israeli state.

‘Arrogant’ and ‘secretive’ police force to blame for death of Anthony Grainger, says judge

Incompetent and lying police were entirely responsible for the death of Anthony Grainger in 2012

Climate activists prepare for action as protesters face the courts

Hundreds of climate rebels marched through east London on Friday—the same day as dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists appeared in court.

Extinction Rebellion launches ‘Summer Uprising’ in cities across Britain

Extinction Rebellion’s “Summer Uprising” began on Monday morning in typically brazen fashion

Labour right launches new attack over antisemitism claims

Right wing Labour MPs launched a fresh assault on the left last week

Addison Act anniversary shows there is far to go

Sarah Bates looks at a milestone in the struggle for decent homes and why we still need to fight for better homes 100 years on

Boris Johnson bids for bosses’ vote

Boris Johnson is set to be the next prime minister and Tory leader.


Big US protests over horrific abuses of migrants’ rights

Thousands of people protested last weekend across the US in defiance of Donald Trump’s horrific treatment of migrants and refugees.

Opposition to Sudan's military deal

Some of Sudan’s local resistance committees are opposing a recent deal between the opposition and the military.

Walmart workers join a mass strike

Over 17,000 Walmart supermarket workers walked out on Wednesday of last week to join a strike movement that has the potential to bring the Chilean ruling class to its knees.

Black Vests challenge racism of the French state

Around 1,000 Black Vest activists and others occupied one of France’s most famous monuments on Friday—and were met by vicious police repression.


Spy cop who was used against the Stephen Lawrence family

The third police spy who targeted those fighting for justice for Stephen Lawrence has been named.


‘Our stories have to be heard’—victims and witnesses speak out after police violence

Cops are routinely risking people’s lives—and the incidents caught on film are just the tip of the iceberg

How Moon landings projected US power

Were moon landings a giant leap forward for humanity, or the culmination of a growing Cold War? Gabby Thorpe boldly goes in search of the legacy of the space race


Hidden nightmare that lies behind the Hollywood dream

Dark Mon£y is a poignant and compelling drama about sexual abuse, class and the corporate elite in the film industry, say?Dean Ryan and Kate Simon

A ‘climate emergency show’ that’s well worth seeing

Tate Modern’s retrospective of Olafur Eliasson’s work is a breath of artistic fresh air.

What We Think

Don't mourn, organise against Boris Johnson

 The main party of British capitalism is gripped by its most serious crisis in almost a century

Defend LGBT+ Education

LGBT+ education is under attack. That was the message from a BBC Panorama programme this week.

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Letters—Support for Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson from Palestine

As Palestinians we see Jeremy Corbyn as our defender because we need someone brave, a prime minister that can say no to the US and to Israel.

The things they say

‘Prepared? I am almost well accustomed to it’

Unite union launches probe into officials’ role in blacklist

The unite union has announced the launch of an investigation into possible collusion by union officers in blacklisting

Suppressed report reveals the horror of the Nakba

A report—hidden for years, now uncovered—reveals the crimes during the creation of Israel in the words of those who committed them

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