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Issue: 2664

Dated: 23 Jul 2019

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Boris Johnson is set to fail as he mimics May’s Brexit plan

Brexit will be Boris Johnson’s first and unavoidable test.

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Roadblocks and arrests on third day of Extinction Rebellion’s Summer Uprising

Extinction Rebellion (XR) occupations entered their third day with arrests, accusations of “extremism”, and a pink bathtub.

Trade union leaders demand Ruskin College backs down from redundancy threats

Ten trade union leaders have written to Ruskin College asking it to drop all disciplinary proceedings against workers and withdraw redundancy threats.

Exclusive - the Steve Bell cartoons the Guardian refused to publish

Socialist Worker exclusively publishes the Steve Bell cartoons the Guardian newspaper has refused to.

‘Private companies only care about money’—parents and children devastated by closure of special needs school

The closure of a special school in Merseyside has plunged vulnerable children into despair—and put their health at risk

School strikers and Extinction Rebellion take joint action against climate catastrophe

Powerful strikes by school students and action by Extinction Rebellion united in the fight against climate catastrophe

Say no to war against Iran

The US and Britain escalated their threats of a new war in the Middle East last week, after Iran retaliated against their attempts to bully it into submission

Protest against Nazi Tommy Robinson’s fan club

Anti-fascists are to take to the streets to oppose supporters of Tommy Robinson in London next month

Jeremy Corbyn faces more attacks for supporting Palestinian rights

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a mounting challenge against him from right wing MPs

‘We’re proud of our anti-academy fight,’ say John Roan school strikers

The NEU union’s picket line at The John Roan School last week was still lively on the last of 20 days of strikes since May 2018.

More strikes are on the table at Birmingham university

Workers at Birmingham university ended a buoyant two-day strike on Wednesday of last week. The Unison union members are fighting for all staff to get the Living Wage.

Extinction Rebellion and school strike unite

School students and climate activists marched together after a week of occupations, reports Sarah Bates

Post workers in Devon walk out over ‘bully’ boss

Postal workers at a Royal Mail delivery office in Devon walked out on unofficial strike on Wednesday of last week.

Johnson takes helm of a stricken ship - sink it now

Boris Johnson was elected Tory leader on Tuesday, and immediately faced multiple crises.

Health visitors battle for pay in Lincolnshire

Health visitors in Lincolnshire have staged three strikes over pay.

Jo Swinson’s Liberal landslide

Jo Swinson was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats on Monday. She took more than 47,000 votes while her rival Ed Davey secured 28,000.

Reports round-up

Outsourced staff at three NHS trusts in north west England will strike for pay equality next week unless their employer Compass agrees to match NHS rates.


Rising opposition to deal with the Sudanese army

There is increasing rejection of a rotten deal signed by some opposition leaders with the ­murderous Sudanese military

Fury after masked attack in Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong are furious after police failed to stop an attack on them at a train station

Israeli state smashes up Palestinian homes

Israel began a major demolition of houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank this week

Protests in Puerto Rico after leaks

Protests have been taking place in Puerto Rico following over 300 pages of leaked message threads between governor Ricardo Rosello and other top officials

Trade union leaders call on Egypt's military regime to release Hisham Fouad and Haitham Mohamedain

Add your support for a campaign in solidarity with journalist Hisham Fouad and lawyer Haitham Mohamedain


The deep roots of the neoliberal crisis

The crisis of the neoliberal order accelerates by the week.


Resisting the US’s racist president

As Donald Trump dramatically escalates his dangerous racist rhetoric and his vicious assaults on migrants, activists in the US spoke about what they’re doing to resist

Love Island—how our bodies are sold to us

Capitalism robs us of our individuality and then attempts to sell a pale imitation of it back to us in a sick bid to profit off the insecurities class society produces, writes Sarah Bates


The criminal legacy of the London Olympics

A new book exposes the corruption and dodgy deals behind the 2012 Olympic Games in London, writes Simon Basketter

Edinburgh in August, festival days of fear and resistance

The international rise of the right and polarised politics bleeds into the annual theatre and arts festival in the Scottish capital, writes critic Mark Brown

What We Think

Reports of child abuse are shaped by media hypocrisy

Peter Bornshin suffered sexual abuse while in the care of social services in the early 1980s. He was tormented by his experiences at the Grafton Close Children’s Home, west London.

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Mike Heaney 1954-2019

 Revolutionary socialist Mike Heaney sadly died last week after four months in hospital with leukaemia

LETTERS—We stand with Steve Bell against illiberal censorship

In the latest outburst of illiberal censorship on that liberal flagship, The Guardian newspaper has pulled two cartoons by the brilliant and long-serving left wing cartoonist Steve Bell.

The things they say

‘I will do everything in my power from my position to make sure that parliament blocks a Brexit without agreement’

No hostile environment for the super-rich immigrants

The Home Office is bending over backwards to attract a different class of person—millionaires

All-out strikers want to take contractors to the cleaners

Catering and cleaning staff at a government department in the capital have walked out and say they won’t go back till they get what they want

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