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Issue: 2665

Dated: 30 Jul 2019

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Boris Johnson is poisonous—topple the Tory toff

Tory toff Boris Johnson has made clear that his government will be nasty, racist and right wing.

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Hospital strikes can deal a blow to NHS privatisation agenda

The fight against NHS privatisation and low pay is hotting up this summer as health workers prepare for a spate of strikes.

Anger on streets meets Boris Johnson’s first day as prime minister

Over 5,000 people, most of them under the age of 30, raged through central London on Wednesday to show their rejection of new Tory prime minister Boris Johnson.

Heatwave shows urgent need for action on climate change

People across Britain were sweltering under a heatwave on Thursday as temperatures soared to over 38 degrees celsius. 

Labour supporters rally for a general election

Over 1,000 people joined a rally called by the Labour Party outside parliament on Thursday evening demanding a general election.

Democrats back Trump’s bonanza for the military

As the US Senate prepares to vote on a budget that hands billions of dollars to the military and shafts ordinary people Alistair Farrow looks at the political manoeuvres behind it

Union leaders demand Tory government improve workers’ rights

Union leaders have demanded Tory prime minister Boris Johnson improve workers’ rights. 

You could be dancing in the dark to Blinded By The Light

Latest film from Bend it Like Beckham director relies on cliches but it still provides a strong story that will infuriate the racists, writes Nick Grant

Defend victims of Serco’s racist greed

Anti-racists are demanding an immediate stop to the mass eviction threat facing up to 300 asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Stand up to fascist Tommy Robinson supporters in London

Fascists and racists plan to hold a “Free Tommy” protest on Oxford Street in central London on Saturday.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet - nasty, right wing and very racist

Boris Johnson took charge as new prime minister last week—and immediately made clear that his government will be nasty, racist and right wing.

How did humans put the planet at risk?

What is the Anthropocene and can it help us resist environmental destruction?

New Tory government will be even more hostile to black people

The new Tory home secretary Priti Patel is set to escalate the Tories’ attacks with harsher border policies and attacks on migrants

There can be a movement to beat the Tories - but the Labour Party is too cautious

Jeremy Corbyn responded to Boris Johnson’s election as Tory Party leader by saying that Labour is “absolutely” ready for a general election.

Plymouth postal workers stage unofficial walkouts

Postal workers at a Royal Mail delivery office in Plymouth returned to work victorious after a three-day unofficial strike last week.

Tories lent on Birmingham school to suspend LGBT+ lessons

The Tory government put “extreme pressure” on a primary school to drop LGBT+ lessons, according to school bosses.

Reports round up: Moulsecoomb workers say yes to academies battle

Workers at Moulsecoomb primary school in Brighton could strike against a plan to turn the school into an academy.

Indefinite action is going strong in London

Cleaners and caterers on indefinite strike at a central London government office are ploughing ahead with an indefinite strike over low pay and outsourcing.

Local government unions start pay campaign

Trade unions representing local government workers submitted a 10 percent pay claim last week.


‘We’ve risen up against corruption and austerity’, Puerto Rico protesters speak out

Protesters in Puerto Rico have stayed on the streets after the resignation of disgraced governor Ricardo Rosello last week.

Hong Kong protesters defy state’s violence

Protesters fighting the extradition bill have been subjected to horiffic attacks

Game of battleships ramps up in the Gulf

A second British warship arrived off the coast of Iran on Monday

Israel hijacks Palestinian taxes

Israel has reportedly transferred some £117 million worth of Palestinian taxes to the Israel Electric Corporation

Crackdown on protests as Putin fears challenge in upcoming local elections

Russian police arrested thousands of protestors in the capital Moscow


A Tory cabinet diverse in its bigotry

Does it matter that Boris Johnson’s newly appointed cabinet is said to be more ethnically diverse than any of its predecessors?

Pound zig-zags are due to Europe crisis

The pound rose on the foreign exchange markets last week after Boris Johnson became the new prime minister. Alex Callinicos looks at why.


As the Tories talk air pollution - who’s really flying us to disaster?

New ‘green’ plans from the Tories won’t tackle airline pollution. They are aimed at making ordinary people pay for climate change, writes Sarah Bates, yet it’s the rich that pollute the most

Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed

Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw rose up against Nazi rule 75 years ago this month. The heroic action was abandoned by the Allies writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans


Does the Cambridge Analytica documentary make a hackish point?

There have been many attempts to portray Donald Trump’s presidential election victory and the vote for Britain to leave the European Union as linked.

What We Think

Fight for workers’ action against Boris Johnson

Union leaders greeted Boris Johnson’s first week as prime minister by pleading with him to improve workers’ rights. Which is weak even by their standards.

Step up the fracking fight

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his call for an end to fracking when he visited Lancashire’s Preston New Road anti-fracking protest camp on Tuesday.

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LETTERS - Robbed by pension change, but women are fighting back

Many women are taking part in the “We paid in you pay out” campaign on Facebook and protests around the country.

The new cabinet—Johnson’s evil minions

The foreign secretary complained about “discrimination against men” and described feminists as “among the most obnoxious bigots”. Thinks workers in Britain are “the worst idlers in the world”.

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