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Issue: 2666

Dated: 06 Aug 2019

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Violence in society is driven by our rulers

Horrific shootings in the US last weekend showed where our rulers’ racism can lead.

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Harland and Wolff workers take action to save Belfast shipyard

Boris Johnson was hounded by protesting Harland and Wolff shipyard workers during his visit to Northern Irelandon Wednesday.

Hospital workers in Bradford begin two week strike against NHS privatisation

The Unison union members at the Bradford Royal Infirmary are fighting bosses’ plans to outsource cleaners, porters and other support staff

Anti-racists protest in London against supporters of Nazi Tommy Robinson

Anti-fascists protested against supporters of jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson in central London on Saturday.

Trump’s racism inspires El Paso mass shooting in Texas

Some 20 people were killed and a further 26 injured in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday. 

Palestine activists hit back after council refuses to host event over antisemitism

Palestine solidarity campaigners are hitting back after an east London council refused to allow a rally in aid of Palestinians because it could be antisemitic.

Boris Johnson’s NHS funding promises aren’t good for health

Boris Johnson has promised a cash injection for the NHS, but years of cuts mean that much more will be needed to make up for the damage done, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Priti Patel wants more stop and search

Tory home secretary Priti Patel said that people should “literally feel terror” of breaking the law.

Could this dam cope with a climate catastrophe?

A dam holding around 1.3 million tonnes of water seemed set to collapse.

NHS strikers in North West tell Compass to pay up

Hundreds of health workers across the North West of England struck for equal pay on Wednesday of last week.

Civil service workers plan solidarity visit during all-out strike

Striking cleaners and caterers at government offices in London and Liverpool are set to link up their fights over low pay and outsourcing at a rally next week.

New army of drones help oust migrants

The European Union (EU) is pumping £95 million into an army of drones to monitor refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

Reports round-up: Big turnout at Glasgow’s Govanhill Carnival


Transport round up: Rail workers strike for pay and safety

Workers on East Midlands Trains walked out last Saturday as part of their ongoing battle against bosses’ attacks on pay and terms and conditions.

Day of action against hated Universal Credit

Activists joined a day of action against the hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit on Thursday of last week. The action, involving 63 events, was called by the Unite union.

Occupation continues at stricken Belfast shipyard

Workers at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast have voted to continue their occupation of the site.


Trump’s border cops separate over 900 migrant families

Hundreds of migrant children and parents have been separated at the US Mexico border, despite a judge ruling that the policy should stop last summer.

‘The movement is at a critical point’—voice from Hong Kong

After nearly two months of protests, Hong Kong’s mass movement has reached a critical moment.

India risks nuclear war with attack on Kashmir

India’s removal of autonomy for Kashmir is rooted in racism and imperialism

Rotten deal puts Sudan revolt at risk

Opposition leaders signed a rotten agreement with Sudan’s military rulers on Sunday

First general strike in half a century deepens the revolt in Hong Kong

Demonstrators are trying to “foment revolution” in Hong Kong according to the city’s leader Carrie Lam.

Protests for right to organise on campus in Greece

Thousands of university students, lecturers, teachers and workers in Greece have protested against an attack on the right to organise on campus



The real story of Peterloo

The Peterloo massacre exposed our rulers’ brutality. But a new history also shows how the workers’ movement was militant and inclusive from its birth, writes Judy Cox

Wuthering Fights—striking for the NHS in Bronte country

A strike by hundreds of the lowest paid NHS workers in West Yorkshire has become a flashpoint in the fight to stop privatisation.

Can Marxism help save the planet?

Alistair Farrow explains how the revolutionaries Marx and Engels looked at humans’ interaction with the natural world


Muckraking political thriller that asks a deep question

The Candidate uncovers the shady side of politics in a way that has us both rooting for a corrupt leader and revelling in his downfall, says Simon Basketter

A tree-riffic play about South Africa

Tree, by Idris Elba and Kwame Kwei-Armah, is an incredible immersive experience.

What We Think

Tories cry Wolff over EU

Harland and Wolff, the Northern Ireland shipyard, is facing closure. The remaining workforce are fighting bravely to defend their jobs 

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LETTERS—We should campaign until Chelsea Manning is set free

Readers should support Chelsea Manning in her refusal to testify to the US Grand Jury.

The Troublemaker—Rich and royals unite to save the planet for nice holidays

The younger royals like to foster an image of being progressive fighters for social justice. This was somewhat marred last week by a visit made by prince Harry to join a conference on saving the world.

HS2—the high speed rail that’s a slow speed fail

As Boris Johnson plans HS3 in the north, Sarah Bates says the Tories’ high speed rail projects are about one thing only—making money for the bosses

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