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Issue: 2667

Dated: 13 Aug 2019

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Tories want more power for bullying and racist cops

'Law and order’ is green light for police to harass black people and the poor, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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After court blocks planned Serco evictions in Glasgow - fight to defend asylum seekers

A court has blocked the eviction of 50 asylum seekers by the multinational giant Serco in Glasgow.

Extinction Rebellion protest gives hope to fight to stop London’s Silvertown Tunnel

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists called for a “swarm” at a roundabout near the approach to London’s Blackwall tunnel on the busy A102 on Friday.

Scottish independence referendum stirs up Labour crisis

Right wing Labour Party politicians exploded with anger last week after shadow chancellor John McDonnell suggested a Labour government wouldn’t block a second Scottish independence referendum.

Anti-racists get ready to take on Tommy Robinson

Supporters of jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson have called a protest in London for Saturday 24 August.

LGBT+ activists organise ‘kiss-in’ against the bigots

A coalition of LGBT+ groups was set to hold a “kiss-in” in Parliament Square, central London, on Friday.

Extinction Rebellion activists set to hold a series of ‘Rebel Risings’ for the climate

climate Activists across Britain are getting ready for a series of local “Rebel Risings” starting from this weekend.

Reports round up: Bradford protest to save museums and libraries

Protests over new contracts at Asda

Workers at St Mungo’s resist race to bottom

Around 500 workers at the St Mungo’s homeless charity are balloting for strikes over attacks on their jobs and the service they provide.

Education round up: Mass resignations at Ruskin College

The entire social work team at Ruskin College has resigned in solidarity with victimised union reps.

Local government round up: All-out libraries strike continues in Bromley

Striking library workers in Bromley, south east London, plan five demonstrations in addition to their continuing strike.

Workers ready for all out strike in Bradford NHS fight

Hundreds of health ­workers in West Yorkshire have voted to start an indefinite strike from Monday 26 August against a dangerous new form of privatisation.

Tory cuts fail children in local authorities’ care

Around 50,000 children rely on care from councils whose services are inadequate, according to a study published last week.

National unity is unity with the bosses

A growing number of MPs have backed calls for a “national unity government” to stop a no-deal Brexit.

PCS strikers unite their fights over pay and outsourcing with Liverpool protest

Cleaners and caterers from London and Liverpool marched together on Tuesday, uniting their battles over low pay and outsourcing.

News in brief - justice for Shukri Abdi, emissions rise, Home Office uses force

The police watchdog will investigate how cops handled the investigation into the death of a 12 year old school student in Greater Manchester.


A third of Zimbabweans face a food crisis due to climate change and neoliberalism

More than five million people in Zimbabwe face hunger or starvation, according to the United Nations (UN).

Fresh protests in Hong Kong after airport occupation

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has refused to make any concessions in the face of mass demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

Kashmiris take to the streets over Modi’s racist crackdown

The Indian government’s crackdown in Kashmir, on the border between India and Pakistan, is leading to resistance on the streets.

Hundreds of migrants seized by US state

Nearly 700 immigrants were taken on Wednesday of last week in the biggest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) raid since Donald Trump took office. Over 600 Ice agents swept six workplaces across Mississippi.

Protesters shut down airport in Hong Kong and defy state repression

The mass movement has refused to leave the streets in defiance of the police, writes Sadie Robinson

Israeli cops fire tear gas at Palestinian worshippers in East Jerusalem

Israeli police attacked tens of thousands Palestinian worshippers in East Jerusalem last Sunday on Eid


Crisis in Israel flows from the occupation

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is facing a crisis. In just under six weeks, the racist warmonger will stand in his second general election in a year.

Can rewilding prevent more environmental chaos?

Sarah Bates examines whether rewilding can help stop the coming climate catastrophe

Economic slowdown shows up the weakness of the system

Britain’s economy contracted for the first time in seven years during the second quarter of 2019.


Britain’s Irish war - fifty years after troops went into Derry

On 14 August 1969 Harold Wilson, then Labour prime minister, deployed British troops to the streets of Northern Ireland.

Frontex—Fortress Europe’s racist border force

As the European Union pours tens of millions of pounds into keeping refugees out, uncovered hidden documents reveal the violence it metes out at its borders. Tomáš Tengely-Evans says border force Frontex is the true, ugly face of the EU


This Way Up—a show that can laugh at life’s problems

Far from being grim, this is a programme full of empathy and humour

Reviews round-up—Faith Ringgold and A Nice Cup of Tea?

Faith RInggold

What We Think

‘National government’ wouldn’t protect us

Lots of people are rightly appalled that Boris Johnson is our prime minister.

More prisons won't help stop crime

Boris Johnson said his billion pound boost for prisons would stop them becoming “factories for making bad people worse”.

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Toni Morrison, 1931—2019

Toni Morrison, one of the greatest writers of the 21st century, died last week.

LETTERS - Change the whole system for the planet, not what’s on your plate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report on humans, land use and a changing climate last week.

The Troublemaker - Home Office spies on people it claims to be mentoring

Home Office mentors are gathering information on their clients in “confidential” deradicalisation meetings and sharing it with police to investigate the people they are counselling.

How the drive to make profit puts limitations on recycling

Most people in Britain recycle—yet staggering amounts of waste go to landfill. That’s because the real problem is how capitalism operates, not individual behaviour, writes Gabby Thorpe

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