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Issue: 2669

Dated: 27 Aug 2019

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Amazon fire shows cost of burning the planet

The blaze in the Amazon rainforest has been met by worldwide anger on the streets

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Muslims face ‘structural Islamophobia’ under terror law border checks

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been harassed at Britain’s border under a draconian terror law, according to a new report published on Wednesday.

All defendants convicted in first International Rebellion group trial

Three activists from climate change direct action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have been convicted after being arrested on protests earlier this year.

Rage on the streets as the Amazon rainforest burns

Hundreds of people turned their despair at the burning of the Amazonian rainforest in to fury at Brazil’s government and big agribusiness on Friday. 

Tory clampdown in northern France spells disaster for refugees

The Tories are preparing for a fresh clampdown on refugees trapped at Britain’s border in Calais in northern France.

Workers get ready for war with Royal Mail

Postal workers in Royal Mail and Parcelforce are preparing for battle after their CWU union last week announced a national strike ballot.

Warmongers to descend on London ‘festival of violence’

Representatives of some of the world’s most brutal regimes are set to descend on London next week.

More workers plan to join strikes over pay and outsourcing

A major battle over low pay and outsourcing at a central London government office was set to escalate next week—as more workers join the fight.

In Brief — Fatal outbreak caused by NHS cuts

Listeria outbreak is further proof that cuts kill

News round up: Anti-racists outnumber supporters of Nazi Tommy Robinson

Anti-fascists outnumbered supporters of jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson in central London on Saturday of last week.

Health round up: Bradford bosses back off after all-out strike threat

The Unison union suspended an indefinite strike by health workers in West Yorkshire after bosses backed off from plans to outsource hundreds of jobs.

Reports round up: Two tube line tussles

Two tube line tussles

Pilots’ fight for higher pay takes off at two airlines

Pilots’ fight for higher pay takes off at two airlines

Strike at DVSA can slam break on the bosses’ attacks

IT support workers at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) began a month-long strike on Thursday of last week.

Cuadrilla causes a series of record breaking earthquakes

Energy giant Cuadrilla has caused the biggest fracking-induced earthquake in Britain to date

Israel drone strikes are a threat to Middle East

Israel launched air strikes across the Middle East last

As Johnson suspends parliament, protest to kick him out

Johnson wrote to MPs on Wednesday saying he wanted parliament to be suspended from “the second sitting week in September”. Protests have been called all over Britain.

Tories and French government plot new ways to harass refugees

Tory home secretary Priti Patel and the French interior minister plan more repressive measures.


Italy in turmoil after far right Matteo Salvini pushes for snap election

Italy’s political crisis came to a head this week as prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigned after far right interior minister Matteo Salvini pulled the plug on the coalition.

Protesters build barricades to defy police repression in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of people defied police repression in Hong Kong over the weekend, marking the 12th week of mass protests. 

‘All Kashmiris are angry with the government’

Kavita Krishnan has just returned from occupied Kashmir where she was part of an Indian solidarity delegation. She talked to Socialist Worker about conditions in Kashmir since the Indian government annexed the Muslim-majority territory earlier this month.

International round up: Trump plan for indefinite detention of migrants

Donald Trump unveiled new rules last Wednesday that would allow migrants to be locked up indefinitely


What is so special about going on strike?

Sadie Robinson looks at what is distinctive about workers striking and why it is an especially powerful form of resistance.

Why the world isn’t populists v centrists

World leaders are supposed to present a united face at the annual G7 summit of powerful countries. But for the second year running, Donald Trump made sure their rivalries were on show for all to see.


Capital — built on slavery

A book by Caitlin Rosenthal gives a horrific insight into how slavery played a key role in the birth of capitalist management methods, writes Sadie Robinson

Life in a container is like a prison - residents speak out

Councils warehousing poor people in disused office blocks are now putting them in shipping containers.


Crime drama tale of good cops, or something darker?

New TV drama, A Confession, seemingly casts the police in a good light, but grows more sinister and promises troubling questions, says Sadie Robinson

The Big Meeting—Celebrating our history and strength

The capture is a thriller made for the “post truth” era.

A 'post-truth' thriller that makes for uneasy viewing

The vision of society here is one full of technology that monitors and records almost everything we do

What We Think

Unity with liberals is a bad deal for workers

The latest “cross party” bid to stop no-deal Brexit would be a gift to Tory right wingers, the far right and big business.

Get fired up for 20 September strikes

In just three weeks, people could walk out of their workplaces worldwide to join the strike for the climate

Other Categories

Letters—I witnessed bravery against cops’ violence in Hong Kong

I was lucky to witness the incredible protest in Hong Kong airport earlier this month.

LETTERS—Tackling crime means major change in economic system

Sadie Robinson (Socialist Worker, 21 August) accurately describes the way the Tory government is creating a climate of fear in order to bring in authoritarian policies.

The Troublemaker—Screws lined up ‘like penalty shoot-out’ to watch man die

across the floor and restrained by prison guards are the final conscious moments of prisoner Allan Marshall.

Muslims suffer at the hands of the Terrorism Act

A report by detainee rights group Cage exposes how the police and spooks use draconian terror laws to target Muslims at Britain’s borders, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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